Every Christmas is a good chance to spend happy days with positive energies that make us feel better.

Small actions helps us to feel better with ourselves and with people around us.

Giving a present, writing a wishes card, offering help to needy people, donating smiles …
It’s nice to show the human side in each of us.


Ferrettohome wants to contribute to your inner well-being by offering, together with the purchase for your home, a fully positive and rewarding experience.
We want to do it at best, committing ourselves to offer furniture and services according to your expectation.

At the best value for money, with the easier purchase process, offering all information and support your purchase might need.
We are always at your disposal, before, during and after your purchase with information, suggestions, clarifications... as you are talking to a friend.

First of all, to us, you are very meaningful persons, then, you are also our customers. Persons that trust in us and in our job.
We always do our work at best in order to give you the purchase experience you deserve but we are able to  say sorry and improve our service if we are not live up to your expectations.

To show you all our gratitude we wants to give you some Christmas gifts.
Small but real presents that we are sure you’ll appreciate and share with your loved ones:



FREE SHIPPING + XMAS DECORATIONS on all orders over 300.00 £

1 PROSECCO WINE BOTTLE on all orders from 300 £ to 600 £
+ free shipping + Christmas decorations

2 PROSECCO WINE BOTTLES on all orders over 600 £
+ free shipping + Christmas decorations


Save your time, make your choice in advance this year


Summer is an old memory, fall is moving forward and winter is approaching.
Christmas time is coming very soon!
I know, Christmas seems to be very far, but there are only 60 days left to Christmas
and is better if you make your purchase in advance this year or you’ll look for presents at the very last days.
Why spoil the magic of the Christmas holidays with stress due to the gifts rush?
It’s much better place your orders as soon as possible and take advantage of the holidays with no stress.

We would like to help you giving some ideas for presents:

Are you planning great meals with your family and friends?
Be sure to have an extendable dining table to accommodate everyone!
Find out all our dining tables.




Have all your friends a seat?
Have you enough chairs?
Be sure to give your friends a comfortable seat.
Take a look to all our dining chairs.



Are you thinking to watch all your favorites TV shows during Holidays?
Wishing a new Tv screen?
We have the Tv cabinet you need!
Different models, sizes, colours.
Customize your Tv unit.
Find out all entertainment Tv units.



Do you have enough space to store your guests’ coats?
Is not enough?
Well, this is necessary!
Take a look to all our hat &coat racks.


This year save time and money and ENJOY your Christmas Holidays!

How a dining table comes to life?

Dining tables are one of our flagship product.
Together with entertainment units and bookcases, tables are highly appreciated thanks to the wide range of models, sizes, shapes and with the possibility to customize them according to the customer need.
Buying a dining table in our website is very easy.
You choose the shape, size, colour, you add the table to your basket and that’s done!
But behind this quick selection, there is a huge work made by our artisans.
Let’s explain every step that we do in order to satisfy our customers:
First we have to pick up the table from the warehouse.
It could look something easy, but is not.
One area of our warehouse is dedicated to our tables but, due to the limited space that we have, all tables are stored disassembled.
Depending on the model purchased, our staff has to pick up the top, legs, pedestal, extensions…



Once all the pieces are picked up, then it’s time to make them ready to be paint. This means that each part is individually smoothed using sandpaper, sometimes is necessary to plaster some parts and then smooth them with sandpaper in order to have the smoother, uniform, without impurities or defects, surface possible.
The hand work here is really important, indispensable. Paying attention to have a good surface means have a good polishing and a satisfying result.

If the surface pass the quality control, then the table goes to the polishing department where is made the real “make up“ of the product.
Even the polishing department has different steps to do.
First is applied a background colour and then a topcoat. The paint is handmade with spray gun.


What if a table is in two tone colour? For example let’s think about our table with Cherry colour top and white colour structure. First thing we varnish the top in cherry colour and only when the top is completely dried we isolate it and go on varnishing the band and the structure in white colour. The close off the table is a handmade work that needs patience and care, it’s a long process but is worth the result ​​​​​​.

Since all processes are handmade by artisans and due to the long time needed to well dry the wood, processing time for a two tone product is longer than standard.

Each table is unique!  Who buy our table knows that is a unique piece, completely handcrafted in wood, which is an alive material that never looks the same. The wood grain, the cut direction, the inlay… look always different and extremely charming. Here is where the true workmanship comes out.

But let’s get back to our dining table, because is not over.
After the drying process the whole table come back to our warehouse for the most important stage: packaging and shipping. During the years, we understood how important and essential is investing time and using high quality materials to make a appropriate packaging.
Maybe you don’t know that packaging of  each table, round or square, big or small, is made to measure and handmade, piece after piece.
There is no universal packaging for our tables, each one is well wrapped with protecting materials in its own crate made to measure, in order to protect the table at best during the shipment.
To avoid any possible damage during the uploading and unloading of the item, every packaging is equipped with a pallet structure made to measure.


And finally, here it is your dining table, packed and ready to travel to its new house:

There are many companies that sell online but only a few can praise of making unique products, handcrafted and of great value, by themselves.
We are proud
to be one of these companies, proud of our carefully made work, and glad of all satisfactions that this work give us.


Say goodbye to the stress

Like it or not, we must accept that our deserved vacation has come to an end and that it is time to get back to work and restart the everyday routine.
It is often difficult to find the right rhythm after having completely disconnected the brain but to avoid the stress of the return the better way is to do something to make yourself happy!

And what better way to pamper yourself than renewing your workplace?
You will be able to find a fresh and renewed atmosphere that will be a good engine to find the necessary energy to start your job again.

A new bookcase will surely help you sort out your head and the paperwork accumulated during your absence.

modular low unit, living room unit, wooden furniture, low furniture, low unit, wood cabinet, Arteferretto furniture


A new writing desk will be very useful to increase your workspace.
Maybe you’ll find also a little place to put pictures of your vacation that remind you of good memories.


office wooden desk, office desk, wooden writing desk, 3 drawer desk, office furniture, classic desk,


Need also a new armchair?
We spend most of the working hours seated and a good posture and a comfortable seat is truly important.

You need to be stress free and to don’t feel muscular pain.
executive armchair with buttoned backrest, Italian design, wooden armchair, swivel armchair,


Hurry up! Make yourself happy renewing your workplace with high quality furniture completely made in Italy! 

Our treasure chest


History, Art, Culture, Good Food, Beautiful views, Traditions…
The “Bel Paese” is a real treasure, an inexhaustible source of wonders and inspirations.
Arteferretto’s artisans and master cabinetmakers, are constantly inspired by this beauty to create unique masterpieces.
We often think that craftsmanship is synonymous of classic style and old-fashioned objects, but it is not!
On the contrary, craftsmanship means high-quality furniture made in a style that is up to date and meets the requirements of shapes and functionalities adapted to our times.


All this has led our artisans to design and then to produce a collection that presents all the best features of Arteferretto production: versatility, simple and balanced design, modern details, storage space.
This is the “Riace” collection. These are the majestic bronze statues, discovered by chance on the bottom of the Ionian Sea in 1972, which inspired us to create this new collection, a perfect combination of balance of shapes, simple design and unique details. Furniture that will become the main character of every room where it is placed.

Discover some models here below …

Chest of 4 drawers which, despite its small size, will bring great functionality and wide storage space.


Tv stand that can be used as sideboard in the dining room as well as tv stand in the living room.


Space saving bookcase suitable in every room where space is less and functionality is welcome.
Adjustable in height shelves and cabinet in the lower part.

Clicking here you’ll see the whole RIACE collection.

The God of marketing

11th July 2019

15th and 16th of July are great days for online purchases.
The giant of online sales has decided to push sales thanks to effective advertising campaigns even though, in reality, almost nothing is granted to customer savings.

We know it because we are seller inside Amazon.
But the real mechanism of these promotional initiatives is known only to a very small percentage of people. And we know that we will not be able to change the state of things. Indeed, most of the time, if we do not adapt ourselves we look like as we are in another world, and that we are not very respectful of our customers.But it is not like this: we are always faithful to an attitude of loyalty and transparency.
In any case, by our side, we try to play the game to not totally disappoint the expectations of most of our customers.

In these 2 days (15th and 16th of July), we would like to offer gifts to every customer who place an order: a Summer T-shirt + Furniture care kit.
Other than the discounted prices already offered.​​​​​​​

P.S.: If you write “Arteferretto” on Amazon research you’ll find our products at a higher price. What a bad news! Do you know how much Amazon charge us? Well, we know.
That’s why we recommend to buy our furniture in Ferrettohome.co.uk.

Classic turns into contemporary style


Classic style is timeless,
Classic style is beautiful,
Classic style is
Classic style is unique...

Yes, everything is true but what if we make it a little bit suited to current needs and tastes?
Challenge accepted.

We can start from this two example: Louis Philippe chair and Classic bookcase.

The Louis Philippe chair is characterized by a rounded backrest, upholstered seat and legs slightly shaped, solid beech wood structure for a everyday use chair.
This chair is really classic in its design but it is possible to make it more contemporary in order to place it in a modern home decor.
Here below there are 2 examples:

Louis Philippe chairs
The cherry colour chair is the traditional Louis Philippe, the most common and sold.
Let’s focus on the next two models.
In both models the legs are more contemporary style: in the first white chair the legs are slender, on the second black model the legs are more sinuous.
Thanks to these little changes of the shapes these models are suitable to furnish modern dining room because they have a charming and elegant contemporary design.
Other aspects that makes them special are the colours of the structure and the type of fabric that can be customized.
Lacquered colour and modern pattern fabric make a chair looks more contemporary style. (Take a look to our wide range of fabrics here)
Why we showed you these models? It’s easy: they meet today’s tastes while maintaining the comfort and solidity of the classic Louis Philippe beech wood chairs.
Bookcase classic vs contemporary style
Regarding these bookcases, structure is exactly the same but the difference is clear and it is shown on the doors with different design and finish.
The doors in bronze finish are unique and add a touch of elegance outside the common bookcase in wood.
Thanks to these bronze finish doors the bookcase looks contemporary and it is perfect for those who prefer a mixed style of classic-contemporary furniture.
The classicism is kept in the solid structure and in the sturdy shelves of 23 mm, which do not flex under the weight of books and folders.
Basic features for a useful bookcase.

​​​​​​​Which is your favorite version? Do you prefer the pure classic style or you like a more classic-contemporary style?
Take a look to our furniture to find out your favorite style and do not hesitate to contact us to customize your piece of furniture according to your needs and tastes.


Customize your piece of furniture, make it unique


“Have you prompt delivery furniture?”

“When I’ll receive my furniture?”

“Will this piece of furniture arrives already assembled?”

Everyday we answer to these kind of questions, because is easy to think that buying online means receive the item in few days: add to cart, pay, wait 3 days and delivery is made.

Everything fast, everything standard, no customization.

customizationWe are not standard company. We don’t have prompt delivery furniture, we produce customizable products (most of them already assembled) because we want to give our customers everything they needs exactly as they like.
“I would like to have this cabinet in distressed black colour” – No problem.
“I would like to change the legs of the table” – ok, no problem.
For most of our products is possible to change colour, dimensions, fabric, hardware….

In our shop we have a wide range of colours, fabrics, hardware… from where to choose.

This is the reason why we do not have prompt delivery furniture.
We made products on demand according to our customer needs. Production time is about 15 business days and the price includes every single handmade process. Form assembling of raw wood, to polishing, to upholstery, packaging… every process in our factory is handmade by skillful craftsmen.


buttoned armchair, classic armchair, solid beech armchair, upholstered armchair, buttoned backrest armchair, classic furniture

This classic armchair is sell in our shop (GM-777) finishing is timeless with a soft fabric in light colour so to easily adapt it to every kind of home decor.



buttoned armchair, classic armchair, solid beech armchair, upholstered armchair, buttoned backrest armchair, classic furnitureThis is the same armchair customized by our customer:  structure in cherry colour and upholstery in two tone velvet.

The backrest is in uniform blue colour while the comfortable seat is in blue damask velvet. This was the perfect combination according to the furnishing of our customer.
We liked this combination and so decided to show it in our shop.

Upholstered armchair, classic style armchair, dining room armchair, wooden furniture​​​​​​​Another customer saw this armchair in blue velvet colour and decided to buy it. Before to place the order he asked us if it was possible to customize the colour of the structure (of course it is).
Black structure and two tone black velvet: rock’n’roll style! Perfect for the living room of our new customer.


This is the same armchair, same wood structure but, as you saw, it looks very different depending on customer’s customi​​​​​​​zation.
We love satisfying our client, we like seeing how one piece of furniture completely change thanks to our customer tastes.

And what about you? How would you prefer this armchair?

How to choose the right colour for your furniture

How to choose the right colour for your furniture?
To answer this question, we can follow the experience of Monica, who is looking for a piece of furniture to furnish her house. Let’s read:


I really need a new dining table…
I don’t like my square table anymore, and I would like to buy a new one, maybe with oval shape… I’m not sure…
I only know that I prefer it in wood, and with a timeless style… not too traditional nor too modern style…
Uhm, let me see online if I find a nice model…
Searching for: “Oval dining table in wood”
Wow! so many beautiful models… But not in melamine and not with these measures …
Let me see if I find an oval table of 130 cm…
Here it is! Oval, classic but not too much, a little bit bigger than what I’m looking for… Argh! It has the central leg in cherry colour but I would prefer it in white colour and 4 legs, What can I do?
Wait, there is a chat service … Let me try, maybe someone will answer me.
(If they answer me this means there is someone who cares about the customers)



Io: Good morning, I saw this table in Louis Philippe style. Is it possible to buy it in Ivory colour?
S: Good morning. yes it is! Every table is customizable in colour. Here is the page of colours with all details: www.ferrettohome.co.uk/colours/ 
(OMG! They have already answered my query! Not bad…)
Io: Thank you, actually I didn’t saw it but I definally will. I have another question: is it possible to have the table in a smaller size and with 4 legs?
S: Which size do you need?
Io: Almost 130/140 cm, extendable table please.
S: Ok, so take a look to the Empire table, it has 4 legs: https://www.ferrettohome.co.uk/product/fv-39b-extendable-oval-table-for-dining-room-130-210/
(Wow! I haven’t seen it before… I like the style, I like the legs, but I’m not sure about the colour)
Io: Thank you so much! I’m not sure about the colour. I prefer it in white colour, but also the kitchen is white, have you any suggestion?
S: Well, you could choose the white with patina colour, but if you still have doubts, I advice you to buy the samples of colours and then if you place the order, you’ll be refunded of the cost of the samples bought.
(Perfect! I think is a great idea buying the samples to check the colour and see if it matches with my kitchen)
Io: It’s what I was looking for, where can I buy the samples? When will I receive them?
S: Here is the link to buy the samples: https://www.ferrettohome.co.uk/product/zel-lacquered-colour-samples/  we dispatch them with Ups courier and you’ll receive the packaging in a couple of days. You’ll receive an email with the day of delivery.
(It is so easy!)
Io: Thank you so much for all information!


Honestly, chatting with the customer service it was really useful, to check if this company is serious and professional and to clarify all my doubts.
Now I buy the samples, its a cheap service and even gratis if you think that they’ll refund you with a discount coupon to use placing the order.
Samples bought!
Email received: shipping tomorrow, delivery in 3 days.
Samples received…
Oval dining table in woodOh no! The white with patina colour is not what I tough it was…Much better the ivory colour, it goes better with my kitchen…
Perfect, now I only need to contact the customer service again. I really hope they’ll be as kind as the first chat.

And so, after a second chat with the customer service to ask more about the production time and the shipping method, Monica buys the Empire table in ivory colour.


First of all: take a look the the colour samples available in the colour’s page. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact the customer service. It will surely clarify all your doubts and answers all your queries.
Receiving the colour samples at home will allow you to choose the perfect colour, comparing them to the other furniture you already have at home. Don’t forget: you’ll be refunded of the samples costs.