Everyone needs relax

On some dull and foggy days it is not easy to wake up in the morning and start the daily routine.
It is even more difficult if the bed where we have rested is comfortable and enveloping, the weather outside is awful and your blankets are warm.
This situation get complicated … I do not know if is the same for you, but just talking about it, I would go straight back to bed !!

I’m thinking to those of you who have some small puppies that keeps you company during the nights or relax time … I do not have this luck because I live an apartment.
I imagine some furry friend comfortably positioned over the duvet, someone else lovingly curled up on the mat next to the bed or leaning against the bedroom door, waiting its opening  by his beloved human. What a tenderness!


Thinking of these sweet little animals that fall asleep everywhere in order to stay with their owners, It came to my mind  the last idea of production, a few weeks ago: the creation of a comfortable shelter for the small puppies of the house.
Taking care of them producing a new product, robust but at the same time comfortable to offer happy moments of relax ti your pets.
The materials used are of excellent quality, the paint is water based, free of toxic substances, and we have not neglected the design, paying attention to every detail, because even the eye wants its part!
We also did the quality test and the product was approved with excellent appreciation by Stella and Kira, the two little dogs that often visit us for come pampering time. They were enthusiastic and if you also want to finally repay your furry friend for all the nights the he accompanied your sleeps, well the Arteferretto pet’s bed are a nice idea!
Customizable in finish and fabric, to easily place them in any furnishing decor.



Everything is relative: the sale too

If we have to buy an object, a specific object and we find it on sale in two different stores, what will our choice be?
In the very chic shop the price tag marks 3,000 £ but during the sales the price is cut off at 50%.
In the manufacturer’s shop the price tag shows 1,000 £ and during the sale the discount is of 15%.



It’s clear that in the manufacturer’s shop the price is cheap even without any discount.
These figures are not taken randomly, but actually reflect the offer of one of our items sold directly by us but also by another retailer.per-pagina-2

The feeling that the customer can have is the one that will lead him to think “if the full price is 3,000 £, that product, will certainly have its good reasons to be worth so much. It will certainly have a higher value … ”
Well: the only other things that can boast that 3,000 £ item are the changes of hands. Each step of the supply chain involves a very considerable levitation of the price.

A high percentage of discount during sale will not cancel the effect of the long supply chain.
To those who ask us why our discounts are not as high as those of many other stores during the sale period, we answer that:
Everything is relative, the sale too.
Whoever intelligently assesses the various situations understands it very well.


During the sales period we try to give maximum convenience on all our products.
Those who already know the quality of our products know that honesty and transparency are the main values we pursue.
Some believe that price is one thing and the value is another. We think that they are 2 inseparable concepts.

It can be attract by purchasing an item with a full price of 1,000 £, discounted at 200 £.
The only certain data is the price of 200 £.
But what certainty do we have about its value?
What is the real value of that item with a price of 200 £? Do you think it’s really 1,000 £?

Everyone has his way of judging and thinking.

Each seller has its own sales policy.
We, as manufacturer, simply try to be honest and transparent with our customers and with ourselves.



Small things, great people

Small things
Great people

Christmas is coming and it call to my mind something which is not easy to forget.
I’m thinking about Christmas of 15 years ago when I spent the Christmas time at the Hospital with one of my sons. He had to be hospitalized because of an inflammation of appendix.
Four long days that we spent together with some volunteers able to bring a smile and some presents to all the hospitalized children.

I also remember once when a priest came to visit the little children of the Hospital and had make them laugh thanks to his magic tricks. he was very kind and my son was very happy.

Over the years, the number of people who donate some of their spare time to initiatives like this has been increasing.
This commitment is particularly appreciated for those small patients who need care, sometimes even very long and heavy.

blog-1To all people, including doctors and nurses who see in their work far more than a simple occupation, who are doing their best to alleviate the sufferings of so many sick little children, we want to say thanks, and show all our gratitude.
They are people who have understood that a smile is good for the heart, for those who receive it and for those who donate it, too.
To these people, to the sick, especially the children who will not be able to spend Christmas at home, we send our thoughts and our best wishes.


A special Friday

Black Friday is coming.
The day of discounted products.
In this day there are some people who call to my mind the sharks, I’m not talking about the seller but about the buyer.

When the sharks attack, in full adrenaline rush, they have a membrane that protects and covers their eyes making them virtually blind.
So, they attack but without really seeing what they are attacking.
In these days dedicated to the discounts, certain buyers bite all the opportunities that happen on their way, and they do it in an uncontrolled way, as if they were totally blind.


What happens is that the buyers bite everything, even things that would be better to avoid.
Last year during the Black Friday week I showed you as the seller par excellence, during the Black Friday, applied prices that were higher than prices applied in the previous days.
But, be assured, Amazon sales, in Black Friday, will always have a remarkable surge.
This will happen thanks to the human membrane that blinds all those who at the word “Discount” lose the ability of the intellect.

This year I wont repeat the experiment of last Black Friday, because I already know how it works.
I’m just going to show you the case of a product I purchased some months ago and that I saw again in these days (same exactly product) with a remarkable surge.



Maybe they will discount it again, but how much? Maybe they will cut the 50% off and those who buy it will be very proud and satisfied of this purchased and Amazon will still be very appreciated.
But even with the 50% of discount, this lucky buyer will have paid this item at a price higher than what I had paid in a period without sales and without discounts.


Let’s open our eyes. We need to recognize the commercial honesty which is too often crushed by giant sellers who impose us what they want.
And they are really good at this because they make us feel happy and satisfied.


We at Arteferretto do not feel,  to keep such behavior. It would be convenient for us preparing the ground for an explosion of amazing discounts, but we prefer to give our customers the best purchase conditions always.
We might have some special occasion, some special time of the year when we encourage our customers but will never happens that one of our customers accuse us of product whose price does not reflect its value.
Our philosophy in everyday work is to put ourselves in customer’s shoes.


We produce furniture as if it was for our house. We apply best prices and conditions as if we were the buyers. We offer the best service, we are kind and honest, exactly as we would like to be treated.
This is our way to work.
I perfectly know that we do not have the strength and the numbers of some online shops… but the quality of our customers is unique, because they feel our way to work and appreciate our service.
Our customers make their choices without any membrane that covers their eyes.




Good reasons to make a toast!

brindisi1It is always easy to find good reasons to make a toast.
Whether is for a degree, a birthday, a new birth, or simply a meeting with friends.
Toasting is synonymous of party, joy, happiness, fun.



Christmas time is already an excellent reason to make toasts with family and friends, even if sometimes it’s hard to support everyone and everything (and I’m not just thinking to some boring talk).



We care about our customer happyness and this is why we offer you 3 good reasons to make a toast:

FREE shipping
 … and we give you the WINE TOO! 

free delivery 1

free delivery


Get yourself comfortable, choose your piece of furniture, and buy it with FREE shipping.
Ferrettohome staff will think about everything.
You’ll get your order before Christmas so that you can show your new purchase to all your family and friends.
And this will certainly be a good occasion to bring to table a bottle of good wine of Raboso di Merlara or toast with a dry wine of Prosecco di Conegliano.




But it is not enough, we want do more for our customers offering an handmade Christmas decorations
which will add a touch of magic to your home.




There is so much to toast for!

bimbo che aspetta

P.S. Dear Santa Claus, please send our love and passion to all our customers,
make them satisfied of our product and service.
Sincerely, Ferrettohome staff

What’s new?


I felt definitely in love with the new category “Classico Verona”. I didn’t expect such beautiful furniture.

We thought of a special category for lovers of classic furniture, full of handmade details, with impressive and solid structures that last forever.

decorated dining set, wooden dining set, wood table, wooden chairs, classic style dining set, classic furniture, unique design furniture

If you love the warmth of wood and the beauty of details, these masterpieces will catch your attention and fill your heart.
They are unique pieces of furniture, impeccably made with particular attention to detail and with the use of top quality materials.

decorated dresser, classic dresse, chest of drawers, bedroom dresser, venetian dresser, wood chest of drawers,

An unmissable collection of furniture for the home, entirely made in Italy by master craftsmen.

Discover the new collection. Love at first sight!

Why you don’t have to be afraid to buy in August

summer vacationsIn August the most part of people have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of vacation and relax.
For sure, this is the best state of mind to make an important purchase.
What happens often is that we find some difficulties due to the fact that many companies are enjoying holidays in the same period and therefore not all the services we would like are available.

This doesn’t happen by Ferrettohome!

bimbo 1

We are convinced that a small sacrifice from our part is widely appreciated by our customers who can get all the answers to their doubts and questions because here in our company there is always someone who can give an answer.



Yes, it is true, that lead time is a little bit longer than the other periods of the year, but when you make an important purchase, as a piece of furniture, waiting for a few more days is quite understandable.
What you may like most, however, is the fact that we are here for you.
Ready to answer by phone, e-mail or whatsapp. Each question will get its answer asap.

office in the beach

Here below you’ll find more details about the availability of customer service in August:


The one who hesitates… is lost.

Arteferretto does not hesitate, because the world of furniture is immense and for those who, like us, have the skills, and materials to put their ideas into practice, hesitate would have no sense. It would just mean throwing in the wind almost 40 years of experience in the production of furniture in classic style completely “made in Italy” … Unthinkable!

Poduced by Arteferretto Real MADE IN ITALY

Made in Italy is a label that contains in itself a category of products entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, including all the production phases ranging from conception to packaging. This is precisely the definition that must be given to our work!
We are proud of what we do because we put our head, arms, soul, heart and even face…


Through our aspiration to always be original and innovative, the genuineness and the seriousness that every day we put into our work and especially in the relationship with those who allow us not to stop (our customers!), we want to convince everyone that our brand is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and above all it is a choice of trust.


All this premise to reiterate that Arteferretto does not intend to stop. Here the news never fail, indeed, are the “leit motif” of every single week that passes. Everyone of us works on that: starting from who exposes the idea, to go through who transforms it into a real project, who puts it into practice realizing it with all the necessary precautions and care, up to who propose it to the customer, who dresses it with the best dress and makes it known to everyone.

Here it is, therefore, the last born in Arteferretto: the “Compos” Collection, a total of 18 different modules, entirely made of wood, of contained dimensions but characterized by an incredible capacity and functionality. Innumerable possibilities to meet any kind of needs, ideal to keep the living room, the study room and, why not, even the closet, well organized!

Are you thinking about the value for money? Evaluate it by yourself…

An example:


Make your own composition, according to your needs!

My loser pets clan

This how I fondly call my friends of paws…(I was saying “friends of 4 paws” but it wouldn’t have been correct because my cat only has 3 paws).
In these sunny days my dog Charlie, my cat Leone and my bunny Emilio are enjoying the good weather. My loser pets clan

It’s a strange band but dog, cat and bunny are united in an enviable partnership. What makes them particularly tender and special is the fact that everyone is a little bit unique.
Leone, the cat, was born without a paw. He doesn’t walk very well but this doesn’t affect him a lot because he is the nightmare of mice, lizards, birds…

My loser pets clan

Charlie, the dog, is afflicted by hearing problems and any loud noise such as ambulance, motorcycle, lawnmower, airplane and so on cause him an incredible annoyance that trigger in real howls, like laments, which last a few seconds.

My loser pets clan

Emilio, the bunny, can see only by one eye. He lost the sight after an infection that even the vet’s care failed to defeat. After that first period, now it seems he is living a new happy life.

My loser pets clan

It’s beautiful and relaxing to see them playing together. Everyone can not wait to receive cuddles.

My loser pets clan

My loser pets clan
They are not so beautyful, they are not pedigree animals, they are not perfect…
but do we really think that we must be perfect to know the joy of living?
And I’m not just talking about pets …

April, fantastic surprises



…Nature blooming: flowers, colours, perfumes,
the warmth of the sun… the beautiful season is finally coming!



…Everything surrounding us motive us to be positive…




…a simple walk through nature, makes us feel better, mentally and physically, and helps us to appreciate the small things



…our positiveness and the bright parts of us



…are important features to discover again the desire of spending time with family and friends…



…Spring is the best moment to make a change, to renew



…finding new inspirations, innovations and trends

April, fantastic surprises…


The opportunity to receive wonderful gifts
placing an order by Ferrettohome!

In April everything is a sweet surprise …
do not waste time,
and take advantage of this opportunity right now!

Find out your gift