Our treasure chest


History, Art, Culture, Good Food, Beautiful views, Traditions…
The “Bel Paese” is a real treasure, an inexhaustible source of wonders and inspirations.
Arteferretto’s artisans and master cabinetmakers, are constantly inspired by this beauty to create unique masterpieces.
We often think that craftsmanship is synonymous of classic style and old-fashioned objects, but it is not!
On the contrary, craftsmanship means high-quality furniture made in a style that is up to date and meets the requirements of shapes and functionalities adapted to our times.


All this has led our artisans to design and then to produce a collection that presents all the best features of Arteferretto production: versatility, simple and balanced design, modern details, storage space.
This is the “Riace” collection. These are the majestic bronze statues, discovered by chance on the bottom of the Ionian Sea in 1972, which inspired us to create this new collection, a perfect combination of balance of shapes, simple design and unique details. Furniture that will become the main character of every room where it is placed.

Discover some models here below …

Chest of 4 drawers which, despite its small size, will bring great functionality and wide storage space.


Tv stand that can be used as sideboard in the dining room as well as tv stand in the living room.


Space saving bookcase suitable in every room where space is less and functionality is welcome.
Adjustable in height shelves and cabinet in the lower part.

Clicking here you’ll see the whole RIACE collection.

Make your wardrobe ready for the new season!

With the beginning of the warm season is always nice to imagine and plan how to spend the free days.
I really like to plan some country side tours or walks in the nature. I’ve always enjoyed this time of the year with sunny weather and longer days, which is good for the mood too.


However, when there is a slight increase in temperatures, then comes the fateful moment to get the wardrobe ready for the new season.
A task that we always try to procrastinate and that is challenging especially for us women lovers of clothes.
The space in my closet seems to be never enough and every year the situation becomes more and more unmanageable.

In these cases, having lots of available space is not enough it also necessary to organize it at best.
The optimal solution to overcome the problems of space and organization could be to choose a functional modular wardrobe like this.



Single modules can be put together to make a wardrobe composition according to your needs.





The inside space can be arranged as you prefer. Clothes hanging bar and adjustable in height shelves can be integrated in order to satisfy your needs.




And if needed is possible to add a chest of drawer inside the wardrobe, very useful.


We offer you the best solutions to organize your wardrobe in the best way possible. Getting your wardrobe ready for the new season will be very easy and pleasing.

“Sensazioni” collection: turn your dream into a real story



A new collection is always a bet.
Will our customers appreciate it? Will we be able to present it at best? Will we be able to highlight the details that make it unique?
…Then that moment arrives… everything is ready, decisions are taken, and is time to show you our new collection, a unique collection: “Sensazioni”.
Inlaid furniture with floral patterns, solid structure in wood and timeless shapes.

Mobiletto sagomato con 2 cassettiClose your eyes and imagine an elegant room. Wainscoting wall in white colour up to mid height, and then wall paper with gold patterns. A bright room, very elegant. Going through the hallway there is a low sofa, soft and comfortable and very close to it there is a side cabinet with 2 drawers, this shaped table hosts the telephone. Inside the drawers a telephone book with all numbers written by hand, a note book and a pen. Is a clear invitation to sit down and call a friend.

Scrittoio classico con 5 cassetti per lo studio o ufficio, ArteferrettoOther scene: redeveloped area of the city according to urban design mostly populated by architects’ offices, young interior designers and new start-up of modern craftsmanship. Large hallways lead you to many offices all with same structure but different style. Some have an industrial-design, some others matching more styles together… A new architect wants to be surrounded by both modern and classic style in order to get inspired working on all her projects: minimal bookshelf in iron, cozy corner with many pillows to rest your mind and a 5 drawers desk in classic style. The desk has a very original shape, timeless finish and structure in solid warm wood. This is the right place to take a deep breath and put ideas together, before turning them into reality.

Credenza vetrina con 6 ante e 3 cassetti, ArteferrettoAnd now memories, the sweetest part… Grandma’s house, Sunday lunch, perfume of tasty food that warm up stomach as well as heart. Set the long dining table is a task of the nephews. Grandma opens the drawer of the inlaid display cabinet,and gently pick up the white tablecloth and lace napkins.
Now is the tableware turn. Grandma carefully opens the cupboard and pick up the dishes, water glasses, wine glasses…
Only the grownups nephews can touch the glasses and set the dishes, the smaller nephews can only set table cloth and napkins. No one but grandma can open the wonderful display cupboard.
Now the dining room is ready, the display cabinet is empty and all the family is finally together.

Present a new collection means give life to new rooms that will turn into real life stories.
Are you ready for your new story?


Good reasons to make a toast!

brindisi1It is always easy to find good reasons to make a toast.
Whether is for a degree, a birthday, a new birth, or simply a meeting with friends.
Toasting is synonymous of party, joy, happiness, fun.



Christmas time is already an excellent reason to make toasts with family and friends, even if sometimes it’s hard to support everyone and everything (and I’m not just thinking to some boring talk).



We care about our customer happyness and this is why we offer you 3 good reasons to make a toast:

FREE shipping
 … and we give you the WINE TOO! 

free delivery 1

free delivery


Get yourself comfortable, choose your piece of furniture, and buy it with FREE shipping.
Ferrettohome staff will think about everything.
You’ll get your order before Christmas so that you can show your new purchase to all your family and friends.
And this will certainly be a good occasion to bring to table a bottle of good wine of Raboso di Merlara or toast with a dry wine of Prosecco di Conegliano.




But it is not enough, we want do more for our customers offering an handmade Christmas decorations
which will add a touch of magic to your home.




There is so much to toast for!

bimbo che aspetta

P.S. Dear Santa Claus, please send our love and passion to all our customers,
make them satisfied of our product and service.
Sincerely, Ferrettohome staff

The one who hesitates… is lost.

Arteferretto does not hesitate, because the world of furniture is immense and for those who, like us, have the skills, and materials to put their ideas into practice, hesitate would have no sense. It would just mean throwing in the wind almost 40 years of experience in the production of furniture in classic style completely “made in Italy” … Unthinkable!

Poduced by Arteferretto Real MADE IN ITALY

Made in Italy is a label that contains in itself a category of products entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, including all the production phases ranging from conception to packaging. This is precisely the definition that must be given to our work!
We are proud of what we do because we put our head, arms, soul, heart and even face…


Through our aspiration to always be original and innovative, the genuineness and the seriousness that every day we put into our work and especially in the relationship with those who allow us not to stop (our customers!), we want to convince everyone that our brand is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and above all it is a choice of trust.


All this premise to reiterate that Arteferretto does not intend to stop. Here the news never fail, indeed, are the “leit motif” of every single week that passes. Everyone of us works on that: starting from who exposes the idea, to go through who transforms it into a real project, who puts it into practice realizing it with all the necessary precautions and care, up to who propose it to the customer, who dresses it with the best dress and makes it known to everyone.

Here it is, therefore, the last born in Arteferretto: the “Compos” Collection, a total of 18 different modules, entirely made of wood, of contained dimensions but characterized by an incredible capacity and functionality. Innumerable possibilities to meet any kind of needs, ideal to keep the living room, the study room and, why not, even the closet, well organized!

Are you thinking about the value for money? Evaluate it by yourself…

An example:


Make your own composition, according to your needs!

My loser pets clan

This how I fondly call my friends of paws…(I was saying “friends of 4 paws” but it wouldn’t have been correct because my cat only has 3 paws).
In these sunny days my dog Charlie, my cat Leone and my bunny Emilio are enjoying the good weather. My loser pets clan

It’s a strange band but dog, cat and bunny are united in an enviable partnership. What makes them particularly tender and special is the fact that everyone is a little bit unique.
Leone, the cat, was born without a paw. He doesn’t walk very well but this doesn’t affect him a lot because he is the nightmare of mice, lizards, birds…

My loser pets clan

Charlie, the dog, is afflicted by hearing problems and any loud noise such as ambulance, motorcycle, lawnmower, airplane and so on cause him an incredible annoyance that trigger in real howls, like laments, which last a few seconds.

My loser pets clan

Emilio, the bunny, can see only by one eye. He lost the sight after an infection that even the vet’s care failed to defeat. After that first period, now it seems he is living a new happy life.

My loser pets clan

It’s beautiful and relaxing to see them playing together. Everyone can not wait to receive cuddles.

My loser pets clan

My loser pets clan
They are not so beautyful, they are not pedigree animals, they are not perfect…
but do we really think that we must be perfect to know the joy of living?
And I’m not just talking about pets …


Returning back from vacation, as every year, entails a new immersion into all those contexts that had been put on standby.
For many people, the reentry signs the beginning of a new season. Scholastic season, sporting season…
For other people the reentry signs the ending of a season. Just think about to all those people committed to the tourism industry…

As far as I’m concerned, I’m full of strength and new ideas, I’m ready to face a new season that willleone be another bet on the market.
What I propose, and what Arteferretto proposes, is an effort to optimize the product processing in order to offer to our customers a high quality at the best possible conditions.
What we want to offer is our uniqueness.
We will be limited by our small size, but is exactly because of this that we will be a “unique uniqueness“.
I do not like the slogans, but if I have to synthesize the goal of the day, I would like to say that we pursuing  with perseverance the true quality at the best price.


grano-1ukI relaxed during a few days of vacation thinking and designing some interesting furniture models that will certainly see the light very soon.I don’t know how normail it may be relaxing in this way, but for me it is.I think all “real” entrepreneurs are a bit like me…
Well, then… let’s roll up our sleeves and get on with it.
Evidently home furniture is not a daily purchase, but I invite you to visit our new website because you could see unique and original pieces of furniture that you will not see anywhere else (this is our uniqueness and exclusivity).



Thank you for follow us.

Franco Ferretto

Looking for advices to bring sea to your house?

furniture, vacation house, wooden furniture, summer, summer house, Looking for ideas to furnish your vacation house or to bring summer into your home?

Summer is coming and the desire to break daily routine is everyday bigger.

It’s time to get ready your house to Summer!

Weather if you have a vacation house or you want to bring summer into your home, choosing the right furniture is the first thing to do.


Vacation house needs fresh and lively furniture so what is the best choice?

Wood furniture, useful, simple shapes, lacquered with delicated colours such as blue or light blue.

If you desire to lighten a piece of furniture, choose glass door. For example sideboard is useful in every house but to perfectly adapt it to a vacation house is better if you buy a sideboard with glass doors, or light blue glass doors.

Beautiful and very functional are also console table, chests of drawers, round tables, stools, chairs…

Console tables:
Console tables are commonly placed in entryway because are very useful as side tables, even more functional if provided with drawers or lower shelf. Console tables refined the entry of the house and give a great first impression to the guests.


Dresser and chests of drawers:
Furniture wide and that can be easily adapted in every room. They are a good solutions to problems as: “where can we put towels?” or “there is no more space into the wardrobe…”
Chests of drawers add character to the room.
Coloured chests of drawers to bring summer into your house or pure white dresser to make a very restful house. Delicate decorations on furniture are very appreciated too.

Tables, chairs and stools:

Extendable round table in white wood is perfect to place in a vacation house thanks to its soft round shape and to the relaxing colour. Its extendable so you can have guests whenever you want.
Wood chairs with classic line are perfect to combine with round table and are very functional for everyday use.
Finally the stools are always very useful especially when you have unexpected guests.
We suggest you stools completely made in wood, which is very easy to clean but at the same time functional and very elegant.


Do you have ideas more clear to how bring summer to your house, right now?

Or to know how renovate your vacation house?

Next post will be on farmland house!

Stay tuned!