Custom-made furniture? Yes we can!


Are you planning to renew your living room but you can’t find the right piece of furniture?
Are you looking for a good piece of furniture to place in that corner of the kitchen?
Do you need more space in your TV corner but couldn’t find a space saving cabinet?

You certainly need a custom-made piece of furniture!

Don’t be afraid of “custom-made” words.


We know that the “bespoke product” can inspire fear and a bit of anxiety because you don’t really want to start endless projects; but this is not always the case.
Many customers, not finding the exact measurements of the desired furniture and asked us for a customized production. Yes we can! We are always happy to help them.
It is interesting for us to understand the customer’s needs, customs and available spaces in order to suggest the best solution to satisfy his needs.

How we work on custom-made products?
First of all we consult with the customer and we focus the better solution that meets his needs.
Then we discuss the project with the production department in order to understand the feasibility, lead time and costs.
As soon as we have the answer by the production department (1 or 2 days) we send to the customer a detailed quote to evaluate.

The price?
The price is assessed from time to time based on the project and the changes requested.
A custom-made piece of furniture has its own processes, and it has to be made outside our standard production, it must be carefully studied, and then created with the appropriate attention.
That’s why the price of a custom-made piece of furniture is higher than the one of a standard piece of furniture, but since we are the manufacturer, the price is always calculated on factory prices and that’s why it is still low.

Do not be afraid to send us requests for custom-made furniture, we will evaluate them and confirm whether or not they are feasible.
Yes, ‘cause it can happen that some projects are not feasible in our factory.

If we evaluated the project and understood that we would not be able to give a satisfactory product to the customer, we inform the customer that we can’t accept the project.

We always want to give you a piece of furniture that lives up to your requests so if for some reasons like: not suitable machinery, project outside of our field, too expensive costs of productions etc. is not possible to perfectly satisfy your need, we prefer to turn it down and be honest with you from the beginning.

How much time is needed for a custom furniture?
About 18-20 working days from the payment of the order.
We are used to keep the customer updated about the order processing and we contact the customer before shipping the goods in order to plan the delivery.
Customer service is always available for any information. You can contact us by e-mail, phone or Whatsapp and we will be happy to attend you.


“Custom-made furniture” are words that shouldn’t scare you
because here at Arteferretto we will support your project and satisfy all your needs!



by Silvia

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