Customizable Product

customizable product


Don’t worry!

When we say that we are producers and that we practice factory prices, we don’t do it to attract attention with a simple slogan.

We really produce furniture in our laboratory and, for this reason,
we are able to respond to specific needs for measures’ adaptations and/or customized furniture.

For all products that show this logo:

Poduced by Arteferretto Real MADE IN ITALY

we can ensure maximum adaptability in terms of measurements and finishes,
with short production’s times (always in relation to the complexity of the work).


Even the costs for customization are very low. They are always quoted before acceptance and are not subject to unjustified increases.
So, once the quotation has been made, there will never be any surprises of any kind on the agreed price and services.

Punctuality, precision and guarantee
are the aspects to which we pay particular attention, specially in customized or made to measure products.


Direct contact with who will actually make the furniture you want.
There are no intermediaries that could create problems of interpretation of your requests.
Who follows you in your project has the competence to define all aspects in detail.

made to measure products

We do not have huge showrooms, spacious interior design studios, sophisticated drawing programs …
we simply have 40 years of experience and when a client starts to describe the piece of furniture he want, we see it take shape on our mind.
We are constantly in contact with the customer from the idea of the project until the delivery has been made and everything is gone well.

This is what we can offer you. With all our professionalism, efforts and availability.

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