Customize your piece of furniture, make it unique


“Have you prompt delivery furniture?”

“When I’ll receive my furniture?”

“Will this piece of furniture arrives already assembled?”

Everyday we answer to these kind of questions, because is easy to think that buying online means receive the item in few days: add to cart, pay, wait 3 days and delivery is made.

Everything fast, everything standard, no customization.

customizationWe are not standard company. We don’t have prompt delivery furniture, we produce customizable products (most of them already assembled) because we want to give our customers everything they needs exactly as they like.
“I would like to have this cabinet in distressed black colour” – No problem.
“I would like to change the legs of the table” – ok, no problem.
For most of our products is possible to change colour, dimensions, fabric, hardware….

In our shop we have a wide range of colours, fabrics, hardware… from where to choose.

This is the reason why we do not have prompt delivery furniture.
We made products on demand according to our customer needs. Production time is about 15 business days and the price includes every single handmade process. Form assembling of raw wood, to polishing, to upholstery, packaging… every process in our factory is handmade by skillful craftsmen.


buttoned armchair, classic armchair, solid beech armchair, upholstered armchair, buttoned backrest armchair, classic furniture

This classic armchair is sell in our shop (GM-777) finishing is timeless with a soft fabric in light colour so to easily adapt it to every kind of home decor.



buttoned armchair, classic armchair, solid beech armchair, upholstered armchair, buttoned backrest armchair, classic furnitureThis is the same armchair customized by our customer:  structure in cherry colour and upholstery in two tone velvet.

The backrest is in uniform blue colour while the comfortable seat is in blue damask velvet. This was the perfect combination according to the furnishing of our customer.
We liked this combination and so decided to show it in our shop.

Upholstered armchair, classic style armchair, dining room armchair, wooden furniture​​​​​​​Another customer saw this armchair in blue velvet colour and decided to buy it. Before to place the order he asked us if it was possible to customize the colour of the structure (of course it is).
Black structure and two tone black velvet: rock’n’roll style! Perfect for the living room of our new customer.


This is the same armchair, same wood structure but, as you saw, it looks very different depending on customer’s customi​​​​​​​zation.
We love satisfying our client, we like seeing how one piece of furniture completely change thanks to our customer tastes.

And what about you? How would you prefer this armchair?

by Michela

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