Don’t buy if…

Warning: don’t buy from us if…

  • dubbioBy fixing the legs to the table you bought you accept the fact that holes may not correspond to the screw positions
  • By closing a drawer you accept the fact that the back of the furniture comes unstuck.
  • You take for granted that, after a certain amount of time, the runners of the drawers wear out in a way that you have to take them out with difficulty.
  • If you think that it is normal that by using a chair, it loses its stability.
  • If you take for granted that after some months the furniture hardware peels off or loses its plating
  • If you think that purchasing a furniture item from the manufacturer who sells it is equal to purchasing it from the reseller.
  • If you don’t think it is important that your furniture item is checked in each single detail before being packed and shipped.
  • If you think that our main concern is simply to sell and that the customer satisfaction is of little importance.
  • If you think it is impossible to speak directly with the manufacturer of your furniture.
  • If you believe that the advice of a retailer is more impartial than ours. We manufacture what you want, while the retailer tries to sell you what he has on stock.
  • If you think that a furniture item goes out of fashion as it happens with a mobile phone
  • If you think that a furniture unit is a furniture unit…and that’s all.
  • If you are convinced that the shelves of a library would inevitably bend under the books weight.
casa dolce casa If you believe that living in a beautiful and comfortable home environment do not affect your state of mind
bomba If you like risk.
calpestare una buccia di banana If you love surprises and unexpected things.
sconto trappola If you are seeking incredible savings.
comunicazione problematica If communication, in your opinion, is not important.
oops If the expression “ops” is familiar to you.
dare una mano If you think you don’t need help, ever.
chiarezza informazioni If you are not interested in clarity of information.
imprevisto If you think that, after all, an inconvenient may always happen.
pioggia pesante If you think you are no slouch at solving problems.
tasche vuote If you like feeling light.