Give value to your time


Although the circumstances are not easy, in this period, we have a lot of free time to take advantage of.
Long days to spend seeing one or more Tv series, hours to spend working out with a TV personal trainer, meals to cook as 3 stars Michelin Chefs.

At this time we are living our house 100%, in all senses: we often open the windows to give air, we take care of the change of season in the closets, we dust, we do great cleaning … and we notice what makes us feel good but also what we don’t like it in our house! Small details that remained hidden and that go unnoticed in the frenetic home-work race of every day normal life.
Such as: the door off-axis of the bathroom cabinet, the drawer in the kitchen that does not close properly because of too much weight, the coat hanger at the entrance which lacks a hook (and every time you find your coat at the bottom of all the others), the chest of drawers that is necessary in the children’s room but that you never had time to buy.

And why? Because we never have time! How many times do we say it and how many times have we heard it …!?


Why, then, do not take advantage of the available time we have to make staying at home more comfortable?
We at Arteferretto, albeit with different rhythms, have always remained operational through our online shop: this, fortunately, has allowed us to be able to receive orders even during this diffulct time. Of course, as is understandable, time of order processing is a little longer than our standard, but we work to ensure all our customers a delivery in reasonable times and with the quality that has always distinguished our furniture.
Since we have always said that the purchase of a piece of furniture is not an impulse choice but that, on the contrary, is made after careful evaluations, we believe that this is the right time to buy yourself a quality piece of furniture, both because there is all the time necessary to ponder the choice, and despite everything, we have decided to keep offers and promotions active.
To ensure you only the best and also give you an opportunity to grab this moment, if you decide to buy now, you can take advantage of:


Do not miss this great chance!

by Silvia

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