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You can choose the gift based on the amount of your order.
For example if you place an order of 1500 £, you’ll get 1500 points (you can choose 1 gift of 1500 points, or more gifts so to reach 1500 points)
The amount of your order will turn into points to use IMMEDIATELY. 
Choose your gifts and you’ll receive everything together with your order.

Some of the gifts are limited quantity, be sure to choose your gift as soon as you placed your order.


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Please note:

Promotion valid on orders placed from 9th of May 2019. 
Every pound spent (shipping cost included) is 1 point.
The points cannot be accumulated, transferred or converted into currency, they must be used in part or in whole for the choice of the gift/s (indicated on this page) to be received together with the order placed. The remaining points after the selection of the gift/s will expire automatically.
Points packages can be purchased separately to reach the required threshold of the desired gift/s, the points purchased have the same value as the free points and are subject to the same conditions indicated here. You can buy up to 30% of the points received with the order (for example: if you receive 1000 points with your order, you can buy a maximum of 300 additional points).

Click here to buy additional points.
It is advisable to use the points acquired with the purchase within two days from the order date. This will allow us to prepare the gifts and to send them together with what was purchased.
Points not spent will expire when the order is shipped.
Some furniture, due to their structure, may not be suitable for casters installation or to house the secret drawer.
In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the gift received will be returned in its entirety as it is bound to an actual purchase. In case of non-return, their value will be quantified as 1 point = 0.10 £