Jewel for your furniture

Hardware represents an extremely important element in a piece of furniture.
Besides the functionality, indispensable, the hardware has to match up with the furniture item in order to best enhance the lines and the features of the style.
Too often the value of furniture is reduced by hardware of poor quality.
The Arteferretto furniture is equipped with hardware of high quality, guaranteed against its use and the passing of time.
Moreover, thanks to great and exclusive manufacturing, we are able to offer to our customers a wide choice of hardware to better customize with great style and elegance any furniture item.
Original hardware features enlighten and enhance the perfect classic shapes. Swarovski, Murano glass, precious topazes are nestled in gold, silvered, chromed and antique frames
The variety is huge and each customer can customize the new furniture or renew the ones he already owns thanks to our choice of various models displayed in “Hardware” category of our online store or in downloadable catalogs: Sirius catalog, Alea catalog (Delivery times could change according to the model chosen, contact us for more information).

precious handle

Some examples of coat rack items in bronze, golden and chromed finish.

Example of hooks in bronze, gold and chrome finish.

Some examples of handle items in bronze, golden and chromed finish.

Example of standard knobs in bronze, gold and chrome finish.

Butterfly handle bronzed and golden

Bronze hardware Aged silver hardware Chrome hardware

Satin chrome knob:

pomolo-cromato-satinato_sty pomolo-cromato-satinato_2

Shiny gold hardware Swarovski bronze hardware Swarovski aged silver hardware Swarovski chrome hardware "YOU collection" gold hardware