How beautiful are the flowers!


Lots of colours, shades, shapes, perfumes…
They are soft and delicate but also flexible and strong.


Yes, I said STRONG.
Flowers can adapt themselves, they bend to the elements,
they could shrivel up but they will bloom again.

Women are like flowers
and we think that give a flower as a gift on the International Women’s Day is not enough.
Women deserve gratitude every day of the year
and for this we want to celebrate the International Women’s Day with a real promotion:



On every order from 300 £ to 599,99 £ we will give you a T-shirt
On every order from 600 £ to 999,99 £ we will give you a T-shirt + Beeswax for furniture
On every order over 1,000 £ we will give you a pedestal stand H 60 cm in cherry colour


This is just a small thought from our side,
but we are sure all our customers will appreciate it.


 from all Ferrettohome staff


This offer is valid from Monday 6th March to Tuesday 10th March, 2020.
In case of right of withdrawal the presents have to be returned too.
The amount of the order which give right to prizes have to be intended as inclusive of shipping costs.