Care and maintenance

Classic and handicraft furniture requires special attention for the maintenance and cleaning operations. All the products sold on this website are interior house furniture. To preserve the product it is recommended to place it in a dry place, free from excessive moisture and far away from intense sources of light and heat. Wood “lives” according the environmental conditions in which it is placed.
As for the cleaning, it is important to use a soft and dry cloth. Please avoid using any chemical product.
On a monthly frequency, in order to enhance the beauty of the furniture, it is advisable to apply a neutral bees wax in order not to modify the original colour of the furniture. For this operation please follow the instructions that you find inside the product pack.
On the countertop of traditional furniture, above all those lacquered, it is advisable not to place hot objects or to leave for a long time liquid material on the surface (it might damage or alter the furniture finish).
Combined with your furniture unit, we offer to purchase the most suitable bees wax for your furniture at a very special price, you can find it in the “Accessories > Other” section of our shop.