Arteferretto turns 42 years old

It was the 25 of April 1980 (yes, it was holiday - Italian Liberation Day, but we couldn’t last an extra day) and for the first time the basic machine tools of the small workshop built from a garage and an abandoned barn were started.
In these 42 years thousands of pieces of furniture have left our laboratory to enter the houses of many people.
During this time, furniture, laboratory, equipment and people have changed.
The type of sale has also changed.
From selling to wholesalers and for retailer’s store, we switched to direct sales.
We put a stop to the supply chain and decided to offer the maximum advantage to the final customer.
We dedicated to the widespread sale, directly to the end user.
By doing this, we met many more people. Customers, but above all people.
We celebrate this latest milestone with real satisfaction that we wish to share with those people who have given us, and still want to give us, their trust.
On every Arteferretto’s piece of furniture, we offer a discount like you’ve never seen before, in addition to the super limited-time promotions that we continuously offer (but that are unique and should be caught when they happen).
In our opinion, an initiative like this has even greater value in these "particular" moments.
We are sure that our customers are clever and smart enough to positively judge this effort.