Shipment and delivery fees

The furniture items sold on our online store, unless otherwise indicated, are manufactured as raw, without polishing. Upon receipt of the order and payment, the company Arteferretto S.r.l. undertakes to get ready, varnish, dry, check the furniture, install hardware and wheels (where needed), pack and ship the goods within the time indicated (15 business days + 5-6 days for delivery).
Customized or made to measure products normally have longer timing (20-25 business days + 5-6 days for delivery).

Our delivery service to your home

Ferretto Home commits to provide a delivery service which is quick, efficient and of maximum reliability. This means that the shipment includes all the following options:
List Item Packaging All furniture is carefully packed in extremely strong containers to ensure it remains undamaged.
 List Item Insurance The insurance fully covers the furniture for any damage during transport.
List Item Traceability As soon as we dispatch the order, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number of your shipment and important advices about hot to verify the integrity of the goods during delivery.

Lead time

Processing time is about 15-20 working days (depending on the kind of product) from the payment confirmation, then delivery is carry out in around 5-6 working days.
Once the order has been dispatched you will receive a call from Uk Transport company to arrange date of delivery.
The price of the item includes shipment, protective packaging (wooden crate) and insurance.

Delivery service

Standard Shipping:
Delivery is carry out at street level / curbside.
Goods are unloaded by one delivery man. Help could be needed.
Floor delivery is an extra-service that may be requested and quoted, even though it could not be guaranteed in your area.
Shipping costs are based on the weight of the packaging and the delivery zone (please have a look at the tables here-under).
Weight Delivery Charge Post code areas
1 kg £ 12 AL - E - EC - BA – BH – BN – BR – BS
CB – CF – CM - CO – CR – CT – DA - DT
EN – EX – GL - GU – HA – HP – IG - IP
KT – LU – ME - MK – NP – NR – PL - PO
RG – RH – RM - SA – SG – SL – SN - SM
SO – SP – SS - TA – TQ – TR – TW - UB
WC – WD – SW - NW – TN – SE
20 kg £ 25
30 kg £ 35
40 kg £ 45
50 kg £ 52
70 kg £ 65
90 kg £ 84
110 kg £ 92
140 kg £ 115
170 kg £ 140
200 kg £ 165
250 kg £ 190
300 kg £ 250
Weight Delivery Charge Post code areas
1 kg £ 13 B - CV - DE - DY - HR - LD - LE - LN
N - NG - NN - PE - SY - TF - W - WR
WS - WV - OX - BB - BD - BL - CA
CH - CW - DH - DL - DN - FY - HD
HG - HU - HX - L - LA - LL - LS - M
NE - OL - PR - S - SK - SR - ST - TS
WA - WF - WN - YO
20 kg £ 27
30 kg £ 38
40 kg £ 49
50 kg £ 56
70 kg £ 70
90 kg £ 90
110 kg £ 99
140 kg £ 124
170 kg £ 150
200 kg £ 178
250 kg £ 205
300 kg £ 270

Weight Delivery Charge Post code areas
1 kg £ 14 AB - DD - DG - EH - FK - G - KA
KW - KY - ML - PH - TD - PA
20 kg £ 29
30 kg £ 40
40 kg £ 52
50 kg £ 60
70 kg £ 75
90 kg £ 97
110 kg £ 107
140 kg £ 133
170 kg £ 162
200 kg £ 190
250 kg £ 220
300 kg £ 290
Weight Delivery Charge Post code areas
1 kg £ 17 BT + Ireland
20 kg £ 36
30 kg £ 50
40 kg £ 65
50 kg £ 75
70 kg £ 94
90 kg £ 122
110 kg £ 133
140 kg £ 167
170 kg £ 203
200 kg £ 239
250 kg £ 276
300 kg £363

For deliveries to:
denmark Denmark
finland Finland
holland Holland
norway Norway
sweden Sweden

 please do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail.

We are sorry but we cannot deliver to Isle of Man, and small Islands.

It is necessary to provide a phone number at which the addressee can be easily contacted: the number you give us will be transmitted to the transport company that will use it only to call you to arrange the date of delivery.

Important customer information

  • When the delivery man unloads the purchased items you must immediately check that the packaging is undamaged. If any damage or breakage should be noticed please write detailed reserve on the bill of parcel writing on proof of delivery exactly the damage found. The customer must keep a proof copy of his reserve (if it is placed on an electronic device, he must request a paper receipt from the courier or took a photo to certify that a detailed reserve has been written). This will enable you to be refunded. It is important to unpack the items carefully and retain the original packaging until you check there are no issues with your furniture.

  • If you have large orders (more than 1 cubic meter) do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service for a special offer.

  • Should anything be wrong with your order, please contact us immediately by clicking here.

  • The goods sold by Arteferretto S.r.l. may cause damage to people if moved incorrectly. The delivery of goods is made by a transport company independent from us. No liability is attributable to the company Arteferretto S.r.l. for damage to property and persons caused during delivery to the customer' s home. Each claim in case of damage to things and/or people should be addressed to the courier company.

Please note:

- Customer must inform seller about hindrances or particular situations regarding road conditions that can implicate delivery problems (such as narrow roads, prohibited circulation, special authorization etc...).
Failure to report this important information may result in the impossibility to well perform the delivery service.
Costs generated by lack of this information (such as costs of redelivery, costs of return, storage costs etc...) will be at customer charge.

- Furthermore, the company Arteferretto S.r.l. can not be held liable for requests for delivery in specific days and at specific times that can not be met by the carrier: the company Arteferretto S.r.l. undertakes to transmit to the transport company in charge, the specific request of each customer, however it is not able to ensure that every request can be effectively satisfied (for example, deliveries on Saturdays or at times outside the normal business hours of the courier, etc.), in any case, any request for changes to the delivery methods must be made before the conclusion of the order to verify feasibility and possible costs.
Saturday's/Sunday's delivery is not normally scheduled. This possibility depends on the organization of each single branch of the courier.
Some exceptions are possible, but this possibility must be ascertained and agreed directly by the customer with the branch that will make the delivery.
Arteferretto S.r.l. cannot ensure deliveries during weekends.

- Any damage to the packaging of the products must be immediately notified by a written reserve on proof of delivery. It is understood that, once the delivery document is signed without any objection, you will be precluded from any exceptions regarding the appearance of the goods delivered.

No cancellation of the order will be accepted starting from the moment of shipment.

For shipment of articles of small volume, Ferretto Home reserves the right to use the postal courier service. However, the shipment modality will be signaled to the customer before the shipment. The customer can oppose to this delivery modality and choose a different courier service for which he will be willing to pay possible extra fees. The company Arteferretto S.r.l. takes no liability for delays caused by the postal service.