ExtraDay 2020

Extra-Days promotion is on.
 Make an EXTRAordinary purchase.

Placing an order right now
during this 'magical' period
everything will be EXTRAordinary
EXTRA because the shipping and the packaging cost only 20£, also for large deliveries
EXTRA because you can add an EXTRA equipment to your piece of furniture
EXTRA because we will raise our glasses together for the 2021 (we offer the sparkling wine)**
In return, we ask you to give us some EXTRA time to produce and dispatch your furniture.
As you can well imagine, during this time of the year not all departments are working due to the holidays.
We will be able to dispatch your order in about 15-20 working days starting from the order confirmation.
It is a real exchange of favours.
We offer our customers the most advantageous conditions.
Our customers give us some extra-days to prepare and dispatch their orders.


Place your order on and according to the amount,
choose your Extra.
Fill in the form at the end of the page to receive your Extra.
It's easy, for every 1 £ paid you'll get 1 point that you can use to choose your EXTRA.
For example: for an order of 750 £ you will receive 750 points for choosing your gifts.
The choice is free and you can combine it like you want.
For instance,
with 750 points you could get 3 kits for furniture cleaning (250 x 3 = 750)
casters installation + cleaning kit (500 + 250 = 750)
a t-shirt + secret drawer installation (250 + 500 = 750)


Shipping costs at a fixed price of 20£ *

T-shirt Arteferretto
- 250 points - 

Furniture cleaning kit
- 250 points -

Bottle of sparkling wine

- 350 points -

Secret drawer ***
- 500 points -

​​​​​​​Casters installed ***
- 500 points -

Plant pedestal
​​​​​​​- 1000 points -

Fill in the following form to choose your extras. Remember! You get 1 point for each £ paid.

Promo conditions:
In case of withdrawal, the gift received must be returned as it is bound to a purchase.
You must choose your extras within 2 days from the order payment. Unused points will not give rise to any type of credit and expire 2 days after payment of the order.

Promo valid for orders placed from 11 December 2020.
* Shipping at a fixed cost of £ 20 only for the Mainland, excluding small islands.
Valid for the standard transport method, at street level (kerbside). Promotional shipping is valid for the UK territory only. For special needs or for more information, please contact us.
** Sparkling wine obtainable by choosing it as Extra.
*** Extra not available for some items. Contact us to check if it is available for your purchases. In case of multiple purchases, it is necessary to redeem this extra as many times as there are items on which you want to apply it. Example: to apply the wheels on 2 purchased pieces of furniture it is necessary to redeem the extra for the wheels twice, for a total of 1000 points required.