How can I contact the Customer Service?

You can contact us by email or telephone. Please check the timetable on the website before to call.

You can send us an email at every moment, we will reply very soon.

How can I place an order or request a customized quote?

​​​​To place an order you can choose the most convenient method for you:
Online by adding the items you are interested to purchase in the shopping cart, and then concluding the order (this is the fastest system).
By telephone, by communicating the product/s you are interested in so that we can send you an order proposal that, once evaluated in every aspect, you will be free to accept making your order effective.
Through Whatsapp asking freely for all the information you need or help with ordering anything.

How can I pay?

We offer you different ways to pay your order. You can choose the payment method you prefer: Bank transfer, Credid Card or Paypal.
More information on this page.

Online payment methods are secure?

Of course they are. All online payments are encoded and payment is done by the bank secure server. Additional there is the security control 3D Secure: verified by Visa to protect Visa Credit Cards and Identity Check to protect Mastercard Credit Cards.
Regarding Paypal payment is the most secure online payment method in the world.

How are the products packaged?

The package of our products is made in wood crate customized for any kind of product so to make it very strong and deliver the product/s undamaged. More info on this page.

What do I have to do if something goes wrong during the transport?

Every shipment is insured for the whole value of the product/s. If something happens during the transport, product/s will be replaced or refund.

How is made the standard delivery?

Standard delivery is intended in the place nearest to your house achievable by the delivery man. More information on this page.

How much is the lead time?

Averange lead time is about 15 working days. Some products could need more time to be produce but longer lead time it is always indicated on the product description.

What happens If nobody is at home at delivery time?

If nobody is at home during the delivery there are some extra costs to pay: procedure costs and re-delivery costs.

How long the warranty lasts?

Warranty lasts 2 years. FerrettoHome offers warranty on every products sold on website.

Can I exert the right of withdrawal?

The right of withdrawal can be exerted within 14 days from delivery. More information on this page.

What kind of materials are used?

All products sold in FerrettoHome are made in wood. Cultivated wood not coming from deforestation. There are no melamine parts and the paint is ecological, free of harmful substances.

Why prices are so low?

Prices are low because we directly produce our products and we can cut the useless costs.

What is the difference between an Italian and an imported piece of furniture?

First of all, a fact of guarantee. Both on the purchase (we are a point of reference much more precise and identifiable than a simple retailer of imported products), and on the use of materials and paints used. The emission of harmful substances, in many imported products exceeds the guard threshold. This is a very important fact because a piece of furniture is placed in a house where you stay for a long time. The emission of harmful substances is potentially very dangerous for health.

I saw a model that I like but I need it in different size. It's possible to customized it?

Because we are the producer it is possible to customize the product according to your needs. Please contact us by email writing all the customizations you need and we will reply you with our best advice and quote.