It is a little but important and usefulness compartment which Arteferretto decided to install on most products.
A secret space, integrated on furniture frame, completely hidden and out of reach of those who don't know about its presence.
This has a real meaning in this world full of thieves.
We optimise the structure of our products to create a secret drawer that is going to be very useful to product owner.
Thieves usually search for a safe or strongbox commonly used to store money or valuable.
Secret compartment on Arteferretto furniture is so well hidden that often we are contacted by our customers because they couldn't find it. They think we forgot to install it but of course not, they think so just because they want to find it out without reading all instructions we have sent to them.
Position and size of secret compartment could change depending on the product model, but if you carefully read our instructions it will be very easy to find it and use it.


Arteferretto proposes many products with secret compartment integrated:
1) First of all be sure you are looking at an Arteferretto product. "Made by Arteferretto" is written just under the product name.

 Choose an Arteferretto furniture

2) Check if there is "secret drawer" option and select " integrated secret drawer" 

 Choose integrated secret drawer

3) Well done! You'll receive your Arteferretto product with integrated secret drawer and clear instructions to find it out
(you do not need to assemble or install it).