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FERRETTOHOME is the online shop where you can directly buy classic furniture from Venetian artisans.
In order to protect our items and to offer our customers their authenticity warranty, we and other local artisans have founded Lignum – Il mobile di Verona  (Lignum - Furniture from Verona).

It's an important organization that brings together the potentialities of selected companies to offer products able to satisfy home furnishings needs.
Renowned companies, each one with its own furnishing story and tradition, that have combined their features to build an all-round reference point for furniture requirements, ranging from singles pieces of furniture to large contract supplies.

Lignum – Il mobile di Verona has been recognised by the Veneto Region as the managing of the "Verona Furniture District", which aims at enhancing a territory brand able to stand out high quality products. Products made by renowned companies united and leaded by an ethical code that guarantees professionalism and reliability.  

VeronaStyle, owner of the brand "Artigiani Veneti Riuniti" (AVR), is a company member of "Lignum".
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