Made by Arteferretto

Tv stand 2m long

Arteferretto brand identified furniture invented, designed and produced completely by Arteferretto Srl company in the factory of Merlara (PD) - Italy.
This trademark is registered at the "Chamber of commerce of Padua at the Patent and Trademark office" and marks products that can be easily be customized according to customer need.
Marchio Arteferretto
All our products are fully realized with cultivated woods never coming from deforestations. Lacquer is made with ecological paints of water base and they do not emanate noxious substances.
From production to decoration, every step is exposed to our direct quality control.
Arteferretto has reinvented classical furniture, adapting furniture to modern house needs without renounce to style.
We pay special attention to satisfy customers necessities and this bring us to work customized products daily.
Red bordeaux leather on desk sku. 107Wooden gold frieze on doors.