On this page you can find all the main options and accessories to customize your furniture.


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Discover our wide range of finishes to make up your furniture in your favorite finish.

Fabrics / Leathers

Chairs and armchairs: a wide range of fabrics available.


Complete and enhance furniture as you like. Wide range of hardware to enrich at best your furniture with details which best suit your taste.

Satin finish glass and opaline Plexiglass

Alternatives to standard glasses. Differences between satin finish glass and plexiglass.


A comfort not to underestimate. Casters are very useful especially for TV stand cabinets to easily move it so to connect cables to tv screen and clean behind and under the cabinet.

Secret compartment

A secret compartment integrated on furniture structure and very well hidden to store your valuable.

Golden or silver leaf

Precious details for luxury furniture. Golden and silver glaze definitely enhance the most beautiful furniture.

Cable Grommets

A feature which optimizes the space for the cables connection for your electronic devices.


Useful advices to keep and enhance the beauty of your home furniture. Things to do and not to do to keep your furniture as brand new.


The spotlights installed are elegant and functional. Natural white light. They are 4W LEDs equivalent to 35W halogens. They are made of aluminum with a golden finish and have a diameter of 70 mm. They are class A+ and have an average life of 20,000 hours. No power supply is required as they connect directly to the normal 220-240 V voltage.