Sale on Factory Prices.


We are the real producer of our furniture and so we have real sales applied on factory prices.

It's true: they are not as lower as those of other shops. The reason? 
It's easy: we have never used (and we will never use) catalogues with inflated prices.

There are people who say they apply factory prices, people who promise direct purchase from the manufacturer...
... and then it turns out that they are not real producers.

We don't have showrooms with suit and tie salespeople trying to deceive you.

If you come to visit our laboratory, you will probabliy find people with their clothers still a little dusty that will attend you and give you all the information you might need. 

This is us! Simple an honest. And our sales are simple and honest too.

Because, in the end, what matters is what you buy and not just the % written on a price tag.