Why you don't have to be afraid to buy in August


summer vacationsIn August the most part of people have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of vacation and relax. For sure, this is the best state of mind to make an important purchase. What happens often is that we find some difficulties due to the fact that many companies are enjoying holidays in the same period and therefore not all the services we would like are available. This doesn't happen by Ferrettohome! bimbo 1 We are convinced that a small sacrifice from our part is widely appreciated by our customers who can get all the answers to their doubts and questions because here in our company there is always someone who can give an answer.     Yes, it is true, that lead time is a little bit longer than the other periods of the year, but when you make an important purchase, as a piece of furniture, waiting for a few more days is quite understandable. What you may like most, however, is the fact that we are here for you. Ready to answer by phone, e-mail or whatsapp. Each question will get its answer asap. office in the beach

Here below you'll find more details about the availability of customer service in August:

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