Price increase


​​​​​​​There is no doubt that we are facing an odd time. In recent years, the concept of normality has disappeared. One of the consequences is also the uncontrolled rise in prices.

We are very surprised by this increase, as the price lists for raw materials and services have remained unchanged for years. Now, several times a month our suppliers inform us about the inevitable increase in their costs.

At the moment these changes have a negative impact only in the production area, but soon the consequences of these changes will be noticeable for the customer.

Unfortunately, this situation will force us to increase our sales prices.
The main causes are two: lack of availability of raw materials and speculation.
The pandemic (blocking of imports and exports, shutdown of production processes) has led to a gap between supply and demand and thus to a lack of availability of raw materials.

In addition, in certain areas there are those who are motivated by pure speculation and who have taken advantage of the situation in order to create a monopoly situation.
We want to be honest and transparent with our customers. This is why we share this information and will always try to offer our customers the best purchasing conditions.
Our goal is to continue to offer the best value for money. Therefore we will do our best to minimize the impact of the price increase on our customers.