Is solid wood the best solution for your furniture?


​​​​​​​Generally, people think that solid wood is the best solution when buying new furniture or when talking about construction industry.

Solid wood is an alive material and its aspect could change because of the exposition to high temperatures, thermal shocks, humidity or others environmental factors.

Depending on the consistency and specific characteristics, small cracks, folds, hollows, changes in colour, expansion or shrinkage may appear on the solid wood product ...

To solve this 'problem', it's better to use derivatives which are generally made in the form of panels or assembled:

  • The most common is the chipboard covered with a thin layer of real wood.
  • The more compact is the MDF also workable with a pantograph.
  • The blockboard preserves all the value and features of solid wood by optimizing the workability of parts that do not lend themselves to pantograph work.
Furthermore, the physical characteristics of the wood make any other comparison impossible. You cannot expect to have real wood with the characteristics of plastic or steel. The same goes for the finishes. With wood, especially if handcrafted, it will be impossible to obtain effects that with other materials are achieved thanks to specific processes such as casting, welding...

For this reason, before buying a specific product, carefully evaluate its pros and cons.