7 great reasons to choose us


1WE ARE MANUFACTURER ​​​​​​​We are producers and we directly sell our products. We do have a lot of products and maybe you are wondering why we can offer high quality products at great price? Well, this can happens thanks to the activation of a network of businesses where many manufacturers works all together to satisfy the customers’ needs. That’s the reason why, together with “Arteferretto” brand, you’ll find “AVR” brand (Artigiani Veneti Riuniti = United Venetian Artisans). Both brands have the same high quality, same warranty, same convenience. artef-logoavr-4 Our company Arteferretto is also the founding partner of “Lignum” an important consortium of companies in the sector of furniture that represents the best of the Venetian artisan production. lignum-logo-500-150x1502 – KNOWLEDGE We have been producing furniture for 40 years. For us, wood has no secrets. Our daily aim is combining traditional craftsmanship with innovation to obtain great products. mani-13EXPERIENCE OF ONLINE SELLING We have 14 years experience of furniture online selling and that's why we can offer your a great online shopping experience. Since we started this business back in 2007, we have acquired all the experience necessary to make your shopping experience pleasant and rewarding, eliminating all the problems typically related to an online purchase. catturaxx   45 STARS CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE It is one of our flagships on which we focus our efforts for continuous improvement. Our customer service works side by side with the production department. This factor allows you to obtain fast, appropriate and competent information. We are used to constantly keep our customers updated about the orders. The customer service is available during the whole day, from Monday to Friday (chat, email, phone, Whatsapp) and on weekend (by email only). customer-care5 – OUR PRIORITIES Honesty: There are those who make fun of customers with bizarre prices and deceptive discounts. We only want to be honest and offer our customers the best value for money. Our discounts are real because we think is not necessary to raise the prices in order to make bigger discounts when you already have factory prices and the best value for money. ​​​​​​​hand-577776_6406 RELIABILITY We like being reliable. The greatest satisfactions are the customers who come back to make new purchases. This is the clear sign that we have worked well, and this gratification is really important for us and constitutes the best goal. ​​​​​​​satisfaction-guarantee-2109235_6407OUR MORALS To us relationship with people is at first place. We work without abiding by written business rules or economic restrictions. If a customer has to make a purchase, and needs information or reassurances, we do our best to help. Our goal is see people come back to our shop. We care about relationship because online selling are never easy. People are wary and everything happens in a cold and automatic way. But here in Artefferretto we know the importance of talking to the seller, clarifying any doubt, asking for more information, feeling the empathy, feeling the passion and the energies. That’s why we care about our customer and we do our best to make him happy about the purchase is going to make.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​skills-3267034_1280-1024x1024...and if you don't believe everything here above, well just TRY US!  ​​​​​​​

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