A handmade gift for Christmas


Winter is approaching, the days are getting shorter and the desire for hot tea in front of the fireplace is growing stronger by the day. It's only November but we're already thinking about stocking up on decorations to bring a little Christmas atmosphere into our homes.

As well as preparing decorations, it's also time to think about Christmas presents! At any time of the year, millions of gifts for our family and friends come to mind but how many of us note down these wonderful ideas and then pick them up when the time to give them comes? Hardly ever do, and when Christmas really comes...blackout, no ideas in mind.

Another problem is that we often want to make original, handmade gifts to show that we are taking time for the people we love. But in the hectic life of today's western world, we cannot always afford the luxury of carving out so much time for such things, unfortunately.

Yet there is an ideal solution: entrusting the preparation of a gift to experienced craftspeople! Craftsmen make unique handmade objects... for job, for passion. They are happy to fulfil people's wishes by making quality objects with their own hands. Of course, it is not the same thing to make a gift yourself and have someone else make it for you, but it is certainly a nicer and more welcome gesture than buying any industrial product at the last minute.

A nice Christmas present could be, for example, a hand-built rocking armchair made of genuine green or red leather, the colours of Christmas. You would be the first designer of the gift, choosing the finish of the frame, the type and colour of the upholstery, any other personalised details. Us, your craftsmen in charge would simply bring your idea to life! The recipient of the gift would be delighted to receive a tailor-made product for him or her, a made by hand and therefore with passion and dedication, a gift that can offer comfort and make him or her feel pampered in their own home.


Visit our website now: in a short time and with just a few clicks we can start preparing your handmade, unique, quality guaranteed Made in Italy Christmas gift that will make your loved ones happy.
Leila L.