Arteferretto anniversary



Here we are again, ready to celebrate our 39° birthday. 25th of April is a date very important to us because was the day of our beginning.

  frescosole     25th of April 1980, was a sunny but cool day. The electricity line had been switched on the day before, so we moved out the Fiat 128 from the garage and for the first time the noisy air compressor started is work. My brother, who had worked for a few years in a carpentry, started giving instructions explaining the various stages of the work to be done. We started making products for others companies, bigger than us. Dreaming to become like them one day.     saggezza The name of our company is the match between "Arte" which means art and the last name of our family " Ferretto" . Arteferretto is a tribute to our family and to the way we desire to produce our products. Challenging but very stimulating. Art... what is Art? We could say Art is a painting, a sculpture, music... and what about work? Isn't art too? We think it is, if made with experience, ability, commitment, meticulousness, passion. I still remember the first commissioned work. We put such attention to detail because we perfectly knew that our work would have been valuate by who gave us that work and from who our future would have depends on. The first commandment Since those early works it was necessary to set rules and a quality standard. What was born then as a fundamental rule, and still is in everyday work is: Every piece of furniture, every single piece it must be taken care of with the utmost care, as if the product coming out of it should be placed in our home.   Occasionally it happens that some customers take us to repair a piece of furniture bought somewhere and from a quick evaluation we can deduce a very low price and an even lower quality. It is an opportunity to reaffirm the validity of our principles with all the staff. "Would you put something like that in your house?" And just a half smile or a look is enough to get an unspoken answer. logo

"Arteferretto" furniture are products that ourselves would place in our home. And in 39 years we have never changed this thought. It is a simple, elementary rule, but it gives the idea of our company policy.

Anyone who knows us knows that we make Art works, we all work with passion, to satisfy our customers and our customers rewards us coming back to buy and recommending us to friends and relatives. And for us this represents the best gratification.

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