Classic turns into contemporary style



Classic style is timeless, Classic style is beautiful, Classic style is reliable, Classic style is unique...

Yes, everything is true but what if we make it a little bit suited to current needs and tastes? Challenge accepted. We can start from this two example: Louis Philippe chair and Classic bookcase. ​​​​​​​ The Louis Philippe chair is characterized by a rounded backrest, upholstered seat and legs slightly shaped, solid beech wood structure for a everyday use chair. This chair is really classic in its design but it is possible to make it more contemporary in order to place it in a modern home decor. Here below there are 2 examples: Louis Philippe chairs The cherry colour chair is the traditional Louis Philippe, the most common and sold. Let's focus on the next two models. In both models the legs are more contemporary style: in the first white chair the legs are slender, on the second black model the legs are more sinuous. Thanks to these little changes of the shapes these models are suitable to furnish modern dining room because they have a charming and elegant contemporary design. Other aspects that makes them special are the colours of the structure and the type of fabric that can be customized. Lacquered colour and modern pattern fabric make a chair looks more contemporary style. (Take a look to our wide range of fabrics here) Why we showed you these models? It’s easy: they meet today's tastes while maintaining the comfort and solidity of the classic Louis Philippe beech wood chairs. ​​​​​​​ Bookcase classic vs contemporary style Regarding these bookcases, structure is exactly the same but the difference is clear and it is shown on the doors with different design and finish. The doors in bronze finish are unique and add a touch of elegance outside the common bookcase in wood. Thanks to these bronze finish doors the bookcase looks contemporary and it is perfect for those who prefer a mixed style of classic-contemporary furniture. The classicism is kept in the solid structure and in the sturdy shelves of 23 mm, which do not flex under the weight of books and folders. Basic features for a useful bookcase. ​​​​​​​Which is your favorite version? Do you prefer the pure classic style or you like a more classic-contemporary style? Take a look to our furniture to find out your favorite style and do not hesitate to contact us to customize your piece of furniture according to your needs and tastes.  
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