Everyone needs relax


On some dull and foggy days it is not easy to wake up in the morning and start the daily routine. It is even more difficult if the bed where we have rested is comfortable and enveloping, the weather outside is awful and your blankets are warm. This situation get complicated ... I do not know if is the same for you, but just talking about it, I would go straight back to bed !! I'm thinking to those of you who have some small puppies that keeps you company during the nights or relax time ... I do not have this luck because I live an apartment. I imagine some furry friend comfortably positioned over the duvet, someone else lovingly curled up on the mat next to the bed or leaning against the bedroom door, waiting its opening  by his beloved human. What a tenderness! gatto-cane   Thinking of these sweet little animals that fall asleep everywhere in order to stay with their owners, It came to my mind  the last idea of production, a few weeks ago: the creation of a comfortable shelter for the small puppies of the house. Taking care of them producing a new product, robust but at the same time comfortable to offer happy moments of relax ti your pets. The materials used are of excellent quality, the paint is water based, free of toxic substances, and we have not neglected the design, paying attention to every detail, because even the eye wants its part! We also did the quality test and the product was approved with excellent appreciation by Stella and Kira, the two little dogs that often visit us for come pampering time. They were enthusiastic and if you also want to finally repay your furry friend for all the nights the he accompanied your sleeps, well the Arteferretto pet's bed are a nice idea! Customizable in finish and fabric, to easily place them in any furnishing decor. [row ] [col span="1/2" ] cuccia-per-cane-o-gatto [/col] [col span="1/2" ] cat-01_styl3 [/col] [/row]

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