Everything is relative: the sale too


If we have to buy an object, a specific object and we find it on sale in two different stores, what will our choice be? In the very chic shop the price tag marks 3,000 £ but during the sales the price is cut off at 50%. In the manufacturer's shop the price tag shows 1,000 £ and during the sale the discount is of 15%. per-pagina-3   It's clear that in the manufacturer's shop the price is cheap even without any discount. These figures are not taken randomly, but actually reflect the offer of one of our items sold directly by us but also by another retailer.per-pagina-2 The feeling that the customer can have is the one that will lead him to think "if the full price is 3,000 £, that product, will certainly have its good reasons to be worth so much. It will certainly have a higher value ... " Well: the only other things that can boast that 3,000 £ item are the changes of hands. Each step of the supply chain involves a very considerable levitation of the price. magik

A high percentage of discount during sale will not cancel the effect of the long supply chain. To those who ask us why our discounts are not as high as those of many other stores during the sale period, we answer that: Everything is relative, the sale too. Whoever intelligently assesses the various situations understands it very well.
per-pagina-1During the sales period we try to give maximum convenience on all our products. Those who already know the quality of our products know that honesty and transparency are the main values we pursue. Some believe that price is one thing and the value is another. We think that they are 2 inseparable concepts. It can be attract by purchasing an item with a full price of 1,000 £, discounted at 200 £. The only certain data is the price of 200 £. But what certainty do we have about its value? What is the real value of that item with a price of 200 £? Do you think it's really 1,000 £? Everyone has his way of judging and thinking. Each seller has its own sales policy. We, as manufacturer, simply try to be honest and transparent with our customers and with ourselves. arteferretto  
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