How a dining table comes to life?


blog1 Dining tables are one of our flagship product. Together with entertainment units and bookcases, tables are highly appreciated thanks to the wide range of models, sizes, shapes and with the possibility to customize them according to the customer need. Buying a dining table in our website is very easy. You choose the shape, size, colour, you add the table to your basket and that’s done! But behind this quick selection, there is a huge work made by our artisans. Let’s explain every step that we do in order to satisfy our customers: First we have to pick up the table from the warehouse. It could look something easy, but is not. One area of our warehouse is dedicated to our tables but, due to the limited space that we have, all tables are stored disassembled. Depending on the model purchased, our staff has to pick up the top, legs, pedestal, extensions…   blog2blog3blog4blog5 Once all the pieces are picked up, then it’s time to make them ready to be paint. This means that each part is individually smoothed using sandpaper, sometimes is necessary to plaster some parts and then smooth them with sandpaper in order to have the smoother, uniform, without impurities or defects, surface possible. The hand work here is really important, indispensable. Paying attention to have a good surface means have a good polishing and a satisfying result. If the surface pass the quality control, then the table goes to the polishing department where is made the real “make up“ of the product. Even the polishing department has different steps to do. First is applied a background colour and then a topcoat. The paint is handmade with spray gun. blog6What if a table is in two tone colour? For example let’s think about our table with Cherry colour top and white colour structure. First thing we varnish the top in cherry colour and only when the top is completely dried we isolate it and go on varnishing the band and the structure in white colour. The close off the table is a handmade work that needs patience and care, it’s a long process but is worth the result ​​​​​​. Since all processes are handmade by artisans and due to the long time needed to well dry the wood, processing time for a two tone product is longer than standard. Each table is unique!  Who buy our table knows that is a unique piece, completely handcrafted in wood, which is an alive material that never looks the same. The wood grain, the cut direction, the inlay… look always different and extremely charming. Here is where the true workmanship comes out. blog7But let’s get back to our dining table, because is not over. After the drying process the whole table come back to our warehouse for the most important stage: packaging and shipping. During the years, we understood how important and essential is investing time and using high quality materials to make a appropriate packaging. Maybe you don’t know that packaging of  each table, round or square, big or small, is made to measure and handmade, piece after piece. There is no universal packaging for our tables, each one is well wrapped with protecting materials in its own crate made to measure, in order to protect the table at best during the shipment. To avoid any possible damage during the uploading and unloading of the item, every packaging is equipped with a pallet structure made to measure. blog8 And finally, here it is your dining table, packed and ready to travel to its new house: blog9 There are many companies that sell online but only a few can praise of making unique products, handcrafted and of great value, by themselves. We are proud to be one of these companies, proud of our carefully made work, and glad of all satisfactions that this work give us.  
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