How to choose the right colour for your furniture


How to choose the right colour for your furniture? To answer this question, we can follow the experience of Monica, who is looking for a piece of furniture to furnish her house. Let's read: [row ] [col span="1/1" ] ferrettohome [/col] [/row] I really need a new dining table... I don't like my square table anymore, and I would like to buy a new one, maybe with oval shape... I'm not sure... I only know that I prefer it in wood, and with a timeless style... not too traditional nor too modern style... Uhm, let me see online if I find a nice model... Searching for: "Oval dining table in wood" Wow! so many beautiful models... But not in melamine and not with these measures ... Let me see if I find an oval table of 130 cm... Here it is! Oval, classic but not too much, a little bit bigger than what I'm looking for... Argh! It has the central leg in cherry colour but I would prefer it in white colour and 4 legs, What can I do? Wait, there is a chat service ... Let me try, maybe someone will answer me. (If they answer me this means there is someone who cares about the customers) [row ] [col span="1/1" ] call [/col] [/row]   [CHAT] Io: Good morning, I saw this table in Louis Philippe style. Is it possible to buy it in Ivory colour? S: Good morning. yes it is! Every table is customizable in colour. Here is the page of colours with all details:  (OMG! They have already answered my query! Not bad...) Io: Thank you, actually I didn't saw it but I definally will. I have another question: is it possible to have the table in a smaller size and with 4 legs? S: Which size do you need? Io: Almost 130/140 cm, extendable table please. S: Ok, so take a look to the Empire table, it has 4 legs: (Wow! I haven't seen it before... I like the style, I like the legs, but I'm not sure about the colour) Io: Thank you so much! I'm not sure about the colour. I prefer it in white colour, but also the kitchen is white, have you any suggestion? S: Well, you could choose the white with patina colour, but if you still have doubts, I advice you to buy the samples of colours and then if you place the order, you'll be refunded of the cost of the samples bought. (Perfect! I think is a great idea buying the samples to check the colour and see if it matches with my kitchen) Io: It's what I was looking for, where can I buy the samples? When will I receive them? S: Here is the link to buy the samples:  we dispatch them with Ups courier and you'll receive the packaging in a couple of days. You'll receive an email with the day of delivery. (It is so easy!) Io: Thank you so much for all information! [I LEFT THE CHAT] [row ] [col span="1/1" ] chat [/col] [/row] Honestly, chatting with the customer service it was really useful, to check if this company is serious and professional and to clarify all my doubts. Now I buy the samples, its a cheap service and even gratis if you think that they'll refund you with a discount coupon to use placing the order. [AFTER A WHILE] Samples bought! Email received: shipping tomorrow, delivery in 3 days. [AFTER 3 DAYS] Samples received... Oval dining table in woodOh no! The white with patina colour is not what I tough it was...Much better the ivory colour, it goes better with my kitchen... Perfect, now I only need to contact the customer service again. I really hope they'll be as kind as the first chat. And so, after a second chat with the customer service to ask more about the production time and the shipping method, Monica buys the Empire table in ivory colour. approved-151676__340 First of all: take a look the the colour samples available in the colour's page. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact the customer service. It will surely clarify all your doubts and answers all your queries. Receiving the colour samples at home will allow you to choose the perfect colour, comparing them to the other furniture you already have at home. Don't forget: you'll be refunded of the samples costs.  
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