Looking for advices to bring sea to your house?


furniture, vacation house, wooden furniture, summer, summer house, Looking for ideas to furnish your vacation house or to bring summer into your home? Summer is coming and the desire to break daily routine is everyday bigger. It's time to get ready your house to Summer! Weather if you have a vacation house or you want to bring summer into your home, choosing the right furniture is the first thing to do.   Vacation house needs fresh and lively furniture so what is the best choice? Wood furniture, useful, simple shapes, lacquered with delicated colours such as blue or light blue. If you desire to lighten a piece of furniture, choose glass door. For example sideboard is useful in every house but to perfectly adapt it to a vacation house is better if you buy a sideboard with glass doors, or light blue glass doors. Beautiful and very functional are also console table, chests of drawers, round tables, stools, chairs... Console tables: Console tables are commonly placed in entryway because are very useful as side tables, even more functional if provided with drawers or lower shelf. Console tables refined the entry of the house and give a great first impression to the guests. blog-mare-2 Dresser and chests of drawers: Furniture wide and that can be easily adapted in every room. They are a good solutions to problems as: "where can we put towels?" or "there is no more space into the wardrobe..." Chests of drawers add character to the room. Coloured chests of drawers to bring summer into your house or pure white dresser to make a very restful house. Delicate decorations on furniture are very appreciated too. Tables, chairs and stools: Extendable round table in white wood is perfect to place in a vacation house thanks to its soft round shape and to the relaxing colour. Its extendable so you can have guests whenever you want. Wood chairs with classic line are perfect to combine with round table and are very functional for everyday use. Finally the stools are always very useful especially when you have unexpected guests. We suggest you stools completely made in wood, which is very easy to clean but at the same time functional and very elegant. blog-mare-4

Do you have ideas more clear to how bring summer to your house, right now?

Or to know how renovate your vacation house?

Next post will be on farmland house!

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