Returning back from vacation, as every year, entails a new immersion into all those contexts that had been put on standby. For many people, the reentry signs the beginning of a new season. Scholastic season, sporting season... For other people the reentry signs the ending of a season. Just think about to all those people committed to the tourism industry... As far as I'm concerned, I'm full of strength and new ideas, I'm ready to face a new season that willleone be another bet on the market. What I propose, and what Arteferretto proposes, is an effort to optimize the product processing in order to offer to our customers a high quality at the best possible conditions. What we want to offer is our uniqueness. We will be limited by our small size, but is exactly because of this that we will be a "unique uniqueness". I do not like the slogans, but if I have to synthesize the goal of the day, I would like to say that we pursuing  with perseverance the true quality at the best price.   grano-1ukI relaxed during a few days of vacation thinking and designing some interesting furniture models that will certainly see the light very soon.I don't know how normail it may be relaxing in this way, but for me it is.I think all "real" entrepreneurs are a bit like me... Well, then... let's roll up our sleeves and get on with it. Evidently home furniture is not a daily purchase, but I invite you to visit our new website because you could see unique and original pieces of furniture that you will not see anywhere else (this is our uniqueness and exclusivity).    

Thank you for follow us.

Franco Ferretto

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