The one who hesitates... is lost.


Arteferretto does not hesitate, because the world of furniture is immense and for those who, like us, have the skills, and materials to put their ideas into practice, hesitate would have no sense. It would just mean throwing in the wind almost 40 years of experience in the production of furniture in classic style completely "made in Italy" ... Unthinkable! Poduced by Arteferretto Real MADE IN ITALYMade in Italy is a label that contains in itself a category of products entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, including all the production phases ranging from conception to packaging. This is precisely the definition that must be given to our work! We are proud of what we do because we put our head, arms, soul, heart and even face... chi-siamo Through our aspiration to always be original and innovative, the genuineness and the seriousness that every day we put into our work and especially in the relationship with those who allow us not to stop (our customers!), we want to convince everyone that our brand is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and above all it is a choice of trust. idea All this premise to reiterate that Arteferretto does not intend to stop. Here the news never fail, indeed, are the "leit motif" of every single week that passes. Everyone of us works on that: starting from who exposes the idea, to go through who transforms it into a real project, who puts it into practice realizing it with all the necessary precautions and care, up to who propose it to the customer, who dresses it with the best dress and makes it known to everyone. Here it is, therefore, the last born in Arteferretto: the "Compos" Collection, a total of 18 different modules, entirely made of wood, of contained dimensions but characterized by an incredible capacity and functionality. Innumerable possibilities to meet any kind of needs, ideal to keep the living room, the study room and, why not, even the closet, well organized! Are you thinking about the value for money? Evaluate it by yourself... An example: per-blog Make your own composition, according to your needs!

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