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Ferrettohome by Arteferretto - Artigiani Veneti Riuniti


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  • Dimensions: 

    • W 90 x D 52 x H 76 cm

  • Description: The interior designer suggested for that corner a small and stylized black matt writing desk.
    Black? Are we joking? For John, who by profession wrote children's stories, it was a real provocation.
    He needed light and colours to convey happiness to his stories.
    A black writing desk would have meant the end of his artistic inspiration. However, that man insisted so much that, at the end, John, albeit hesitant, decided to buy that black desk.
    He was very curious to see the effect that would have had on his creativity. He was afraid he would not have been able to draw up one of those stories which children love to read any more.
    However, he thought that was not a problem for him and decided to write in one go all that fancy would have suggested him.
    What came out was a story full of frightening creatures, of dark and gloomy places with evil spectres.
    John thought that that strange, black desk was responsible for all that but, at the end, he was not really displeased of the final result.
    Still nowadays, more than 40 years after his death, his stories are very much appreciated by millions of people.
    Who knows that all that success was due to that famous black desk...
    We are not sure that it turned out like that, but we like to imagine that stories like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien would have been created in this way.
    However, what we are sure of is that such a writing desk is the most elegant item that could be placed in study rooms of high creativity.

  • Assembly: assembled delivered.

  • Dispatched within: about 20 working days.

  • Materials: solid Toulipier wood.

  • Quality:

    • 100% made in Italy

    • all the working processes, from the cutting of wood to the assembling, from polish to upholstery, are made by Italian skilled artisans.

  • Design:

    • Simple lines, elegant design, and optimized spaces to allow you to place our furniture on every furnishing context.

    • Structure of furniture: robust and reliable

    • Originality of design, expression and creativity of Italian art.

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£ 546.00 £ 502.32 -8%
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