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Elegant upholstered chair “Comfort”

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I often chat with the holder of our upholstery’s laboratory.
He’s a person full of qualities, that, personally, I think are indispensable in an old-fashioned artisan.
He is continuosly looking for new solutions, he gives life to new models, he makes, unmake, he try again and again… always looking for an improvement to assimilate and consolidate.
Improvements and new procedures that become new standards of work, to raise the quality bar always a little bit more.
Every occasion is good to show me a new fabrics sample.
“Touch the softness! Take a look at the texture. Feel the strength…” and everytime I’m enraptured by incredible fabrics.
“Touch this: take a look at the colours…” and he asks me: “but if you had to put an chair in your house, wouldn’t you pay 5 or 6 pounds more for a quality fabric? Rather than have one of the common liserè fabric, which now come all from China and when I work on them I have to be very careful not to pull too much otherwise they fray?”.
“Yes!” I answer.
“We need to find a way to show it to our costumers. We have to inform them that they can buy fabric samples to touch with their hands and see exactly how they look like.”
He smiles at me with a glance that means: “It’s so difficult to understand?”
Then, he brings me to see a new chair and he says: “Sit down, try it!”
The chair is beautiful, looks slender but solid and a generous padding promises great comfort.
“Try it” he repeats.
I sit down, and I immediately understand his satisfied face. The chair is wonderful but above all very comfortable.
A seat sufficiently soft but extremely solid. A perfect backrest, slightly enveloping and with the right balance between softness and strength.
“Perfect!” I say.
Then, with a pleased face he asks me:
“Have you ever wondered which chairs have an upholsterer in his house?”
And I clearly understand that are these elegant upholstered chairs.

width 49 cm;
depth 44 cm;
height 82 cm;
height of the seat from the ground 48 cm.

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 49 x 44 x 82 cm

General characteristics:

  • Solid wood furniture: the uniform lacquering may appear uneven or may reveal the features of the underlying wood.
    The grain of the wood and some of his workings could make the finish looks uneven.
  • Wood is an alive material and its aspect could change because of the exposition to high temperatures, thermal shocks, humidity or other environmental factors.
  • Other differences between the real product and what is reproduced on screen could be determinated by the quality or by the different calibration of the monitor used.

Delivery and assembling:

  • All our furniture are carefully packed in sturdy containers, specifically designed to protect the furniture during the transport and to ensure their integrity.
    • Most of our furniture are assembled delivered. Those who need a mounting have been realized to simplify and facilitate this procedure. In this case, clear instructions will be sent together with the furniture.
    • All shipments are traceable from departure to delivery.
Tempi preparazione
Average processing time, unless otherwise indicated, it is approximately 12-15 working days to which you need to add from 2 to 5 working days for the shipping.
However, very often we decrease the waiting time.

It is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal on upholstered products. More information here.

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