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Display cabinet in classic style

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Display cabinet in classic style with solid structure and elegant shape, enriched with valuable classic elements.
Presents feet carved on linden wood, which perfectly support the linear structure with rounded shoulders.
The carved elements, cleverly distributed between the lower and upper part, give great refinement and classicism to this beautiful piece of furniture.
The display cabinet has 3 glass shelves, equally distributed, which add brightness along with the upholstered back.
A good functionality is given by a  single drawer on the lower part.
Finally, the strcuture is enriched by by 4 small friezes distributed at the ends of the shoulders.

width 58 cm;
depth 35 cm;
height 184 cm (without cymatium) + 9 cm (with cymatium)

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 58 x 35 x 184 cm

General characteristics:

  • Solid wood furniture: the uniform lacquering may appears uneven or may reveals the features of the underlying wood.
    The grains of wood and some of its workings could make the finish looks uneven.
  • Wood is an alive material and its aspect could changes because of the exposition to high temperatures, thermal shocks, humidity or others environmental factors.
  • Differences between the real product and what is reproduced on screen could be determinated by the quality or by the different calibration of monitor used.

Delivery and assembling:

  • All our products are carefully packed in sturdy containers, specifically designed to protect furniture during the transport and to ensure its integrity.
    • Most of our products are assembled delivered. Those who need a mounting have been realized to simplify and facilitate this procedure. In this case, clear instructions will be send together with the furniture.
    • All shipments are traceable from departure to delivery.
Tempi preparazione
Average processing time, unless otherwise indicated, it is approximately 12-15 working days to which you need to add from 2 to 5 working days for the shipping.
However, very often we decrease the waiting time.

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