Shoe cabinets: which one suits your needs?


Good weather is coming and it’s time to think about changing clothes and shoes.
Regarding the change of clothes, is always the same dilemma: which clothes to keep, which to throw away, which to put in the bottom of the wardrobe, which to store in the right way…
But today I want to keep the focus on changing the season of shoes (my secret love).
Shoes are often left in the garage, in the entryway closet or placed in rather ugly shoe racks often hidden behind the door.
And what if we had a nice shoe cabinet that can also be used as a entryway sideboard? Shoes stored with care and in order inside a beautifully handmade wooden shoe rack (shoe cabinet on the left).


We have designed shoe racks with original design to satisfied every need and different dimensions to give good solutions to those who have little space in the house (model in the center of the image) or for those who want a maxi cabinet that can accommodate up to 48 pairs of shoes (in my case this last model could be fine – model on the right).
We make shoe cabinets that can be used as an entryway sideboard with a useful and large drawer at the upper part and a wide surface on top.
We also make very small benches, easy to place in every room of the house thanks to the small dimensions. The full dimensions of this model are 55 cm x 35 cm and contains up to 4 pairs of shoes.
In addition, is possible to choose the upholstered top to have a soft seat while wearing your shoes (adorable benches below).


During the change of season think about your shoes, place them in a beautiful shoe rack. 

by Silvia

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