Modular wall unit 250 cm
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Modular wall unit 250 cm

Elegant wall unit bookcase that will furnish any room with style, while offering utility and functionality. An extremely functional solution whose structure will surprise you: made in different modules all easily assembled. This 250 cm wall bookcase is a perfect classic piece of furniture for a very elegant decor. Dimensions Width 250 cm Depth 34,5 cm Height 195 cm. Easy assembly.   -Play safe: each wall unit is assembled before packaging in order to check the perfect result.   -Very few screws to tightened (for a composition 200 cm wide, about a dozen of screws are necessary)   -No fear of making mistake. Screws are not to fasten directly on the wood but in a special metallic pivot. You will therefore have a perfect endurance even after several assemblies and disassemblies.   - Ultra-fast assembly. It takes 5 minutes and two people to assemble the wall unit (excluding unpacking).   - Clear, illustrated and intuitive step-by-step assembly instructions (probably you will not need it, but we provide you in any case!)   - Easily to move. If you try to disassemble a wall unit or even a simple bookcase of other manufacturers, there is a high probability of failing in assemble it again. But Arteferretto’s wall units can be assembled and disassembled in the same easy way whenever you want! We manufacture and test all the compositions to assure you no inconvenience during the assembly at home. See the control assembly of some of our compositions by clicking here. Create your modular composition!

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