Lacquered Bookcase with doors
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Lacquered Bookcase with doors

Dimensions:  W 82 x H 195 x D 34 cm Upper compartment dimensions: W 72,6 x H 116 x D 30 cm Description:  Beautiful and above all usefull, this lacquered Louis Philippe bookcase is inspired by the style born during the Louis Philippe Kingdom where the furniture must be confortable and usefull but at the same time beautiful and elegant.Its dimensions allow to place it even in small room adding functionality.The doors have a simple line as the drawer and perfectly combine with any house decor.The upper compartment is 116 cm and it can be divided according to your needs by 2 shelves adjustable in different positions. It is possible to obtain 3 compartments high enough to contain the common binder to store documents. This bookcase is a perfect solution of style and functionality even for office in classical style.The supplied shelves (of 17 mm thick) are very resistant to bending, however it is possible to choose the shelves of 23 mm thick if you plan a load of considerable weight.This lacquered bookcase in Louis Philippe style has an extremely solid structure thanks to an accurate working and to the high quality materials. Assembly: assembled delivered. Dispatched within: 15-20 working days. Materials: solid Toulipier wood and MDF veneer panel covered by Tanganiyka Walnut wood. Quality: 100% made in Italy all the working processes, from the cutting of wood to the assembling, from polish to upholstery, are made by Italian skilled artisans. Design: Simple lines, elegant design, and optimized spaces to allow you to place our furniture on every furnishing context. Structure of furniture: robust and reliable Originality of design, expression and creativity of Italian art.

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Modular wall unit with shelves
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Modular wall unit with shelves

Magnificent modular wall unit with shelves which may be used as books storage. The very thick shelves have an excellent resistance, so that they do not bend even under heavy weights.This modular wall unit with shelves is catheterized by a classic appearance which match the decor of the home or business establishment in which it will be installed.At the bottom, 6 comfortable drawers offer great utility and space while centrally you can enjoy a useful space enclosed by two beautiful doors.Dimensions:width 203.5 cmdepth 34.5 cmheight 195 cmEasy assembly.-Play safe: each wall unit is assembled before packaging in order to check the perfect result.-Very few screws to tightened (for a composition 200 cm wide, about a dozen of screws are necessary)-No fear of making mistake. Screws are not to fasten directly on the wood but in a special metallic pivot. You will therefore have a perfect endurance even after several assemblies and disassemblies.- Ultra-fast assembly. It takes 5 minutes and two people to assemble the wall unit (excluding unpacking).- Clear, illustrated and intuitive step-by-step assembly instructions (probably you will not need it, but we provide you in any case!)- Easily to move. If you try to disassemble a wall unit or even a simple bookcase of other manufacturers, there is a high probability of failing in assemble it again. But Arteferretto’s wall units can be assembled and disassembled in the same easy way whenever you want!Create your modular composition!

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Wall unit with open central compartment
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