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Italian design wooden chair Slancio
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Italian design wooden chair Slancio

When I saw the prototype of this italian design wooden chair and I tried its strength I had a flashback of my past.I was 15 years old and I was experiencing my first days at the Institute of Surveyors and Accountants of Montagnana.The school building were very old.You had to go to class by noisy and dusty wooden stairs.Even the floor was in wood and at the end of a class you could clearly hear thunderous stomping able to shook the windows.In this scenario I was facing the first days at highschool without any friend.Since the first moments, I have noticed the only one, among many students, that seemed to be more intimidated than me."Dalmi", this was his nickname because of its surname, was a big fat boy, and even a pimply boy. Who hadn't a pimply skin at that aged?We discovered we were in the same classroom, from there was really easy to become friends.There is a good understanding between loser...During the years the friendship get firmly established and today, even if i lost sight of my friend, I remember him always with pleasure and a little bit of nostalgia.We both stood out of the crowd but we had always good fun thanks to our good results at school.Everyday we stopped at the news stand where we paid attention how to spend at best the little money we had in our pocket. We bought "linus" and "Il male" two famous italian comics.Another friend, loser as him, tall and thin ensured us other kind of comics, more common. "Zanca" (this was his nickname), he was a supporter of Internazionale Team and every monday he bring to school the "Gazzetta dello Sport" the most important italian newspaper of sport news.I was strategically seated behind Dalmi, and this ensured me to be hidden by the teacher. Every monday I read the newspaper thanks to my big friend.One day happened that the chair broken and the thud on the wooden floor is still remembered with some anxiety by the students of the downstairs floor.Fortunatly nothing bad happened and Dalmi didn't got hurt (just a little bit on his pride) and the floor didn't broken.So, this italian design wooden chair, called back to my mind all these memories.The beautiful chair, wide and very comfortable (my friend Dalmi would be sit there very well) has a backrest that caress the back giving a very pleasent feeling.And overhall it is beautiful. It has a very charming shape, as the body of some girls of our youth ages, that me and my friend Dalmi didn't pretend to look at, but in reality they were constantly on our mind.At the end of all, good times, wonderful friendships...... Beautiful chair.Franco FerrettoDimensions:height 79 cm;width 54 cm;depth 46 cm;Seat's height from the ground 49 cm.

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