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Living room wall tv unit
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Living room wall tv unit

This beautiful living room wall tv unit presents a very clean and simple style and a perfect distribution of the spaces. An elegant symmetry makes the whole set very pleasant. High functionality is given by every element that allows the complete use of the space offered. On the lower part of the unit there are 7 drawers and 6 doors. Inside the doors the space is divided by adjustable-in-height shelves so to better store your objects. The wood modules on the sides offer an open compartment that divides the upper part (characterized by a display cabinet with two adjustable in height shelves) from the lower part. The central part of this wall unit presents an open compartment reserved to the television. The width of this opening is 116 cm and it's sufficient for the most part of the television screens. This wall unit is made by modules and this allow a very easy assembling (no more than 10 minutes). It is only necessary to fix the modules one to each others using the supplied screws. Tightening less than 30 screws you'll have a solid and very strong living room wall unit. This wall composition, before being packed and shipped, is assembled and checked in our laboratory. Therefore there will be no bad surprises during the installation. The fact that this wall unit is made by modules allows, if needed, to personalized the dimensions of the whole composition without changing the aspect. If you need different sizes (for example for the tv compartment) you just have to tell us your needs and we will produce this living room wall unit according to your preference. Dimensions: width 275 cm; height 220 cm; depth 36.5 cm; Height of Tv countertop 57 cm; Height of Tv open compartment 80 cm.

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