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Lime wood sculpture inspired by David of Michelangelo
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Sku: DAV-01 - Artigiani Veneti Riuniti

Lime wood sculpture inspired by David of Michelangelo

Lime wood sculpture inspired by David of Michelangelo.One of the definitions of "being a craftsman" is the ability to shape a material and at the same time show a personal talent.A small workshop, wood perfume, many, many tools to sculpt the material manually, figures and decorations, perfectly finished or just sketched on wooden blocks...This is the place where products of the highest quality craftsmanship are born. Carvings and sculptures that are born from the love for the modeling of the wood of two brothers who, with their skill and their talent, produce objects of timeless beauty.In the same way that Michelangelo studied even the smallest details to improve the techniques of processing marble to obtain the maximum expression of his genius talent, even these wood artists continuously improve their techniques to obtain works of high quality and great charm.Each work is unique, and for this reason is sold accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that shows all the dates and work carried out, as well as the authentic signature of the master craftsman who made it.This "inspiration" has a very special charm and it is obtained from a block of lime wood.This sculpture has been treated with a wax-colored finish to create the marble effect, masterfully highlighting the anatomy of the figure.The sculpture is handmade. Each work is unique and is certified.Height: 45 cm.

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