Save your time, make your choice in advance this year


Summer is an old memory, fall is moving forward and winter is approaching.
Christmas time is coming very soon!
I know, Christmas seems to be very far, but there are only 60 days left to Christmas
and is better if you make your purchase in advance this year or you’ll look for presents at the very last days.
Why spoil the magic of the Christmas holidays with stress due to the gifts rush?
It’s much better place your orders as soon as possible and take advantage of the holidays with no stress.

We would like to help you giving some ideas for presents:

Are you planning great meals with your family and friends?
Be sure to have an extendable dining table to accommodate everyone!
Find out all our dining tables.




Have all your friends a seat?
Have you enough chairs?
Be sure to give your friends a comfortable seat.
Take a look to all our dining chairs.



Are you thinking to watch all your favorites TV shows during Holidays?
Wishing a new Tv screen?
We have the Tv cabinet you need!
Different models, sizes, colours.
Customize your Tv unit.
Find out all entertainment Tv units.



Do you have enough space to store your guests’ coats?
Is not enough?
Well, this is necessary!
Take a look to all our hat &coat racks.


This year save time and money and ENJOY your Christmas Holidays!

Classic turns into contemporary style


Classic style is timeless,
Classic style is beautiful,
Classic style is
Classic style is unique...

Yes, everything is true but what if we make it a little bit suited to current needs and tastes?
Challenge accepted.

We can start from this two example: Louis Philippe chair and Classic bookcase.

The Louis Philippe chair is characterized by a rounded backrest, upholstered seat and legs slightly shaped, solid beech wood structure for a everyday use chair.
This chair is really classic in its design but it is possible to make it more contemporary in order to place it in a modern home decor.
Here below there are 2 examples:

Louis Philippe chairs
The cherry colour chair is the traditional Louis Philippe, the most common and sold.
Let’s focus on the next two models.
In both models the legs are more contemporary style: in the first white chair the legs are slender, on the second black model the legs are more sinuous.
Thanks to these little changes of the shapes these models are suitable to furnish modern dining room because they have a charming and elegant contemporary design.
Other aspects that makes them special are the colours of the structure and the type of fabric that can be customized.
Lacquered colour and modern pattern fabric make a chair looks more contemporary style. (Take a look to our wide range of fabrics here)
Why we showed you these models? It’s easy: they meet today’s tastes while maintaining the comfort and solidity of the classic Louis Philippe beech wood chairs.
Bookcase classic vs contemporary style
Regarding these bookcases, structure is exactly the same but the difference is clear and it is shown on the doors with different design and finish.
The doors in bronze finish are unique and add a touch of elegance outside the common bookcase in wood.
Thanks to these bronze finish doors the bookcase looks contemporary and it is perfect for those who prefer a mixed style of classic-contemporary furniture.
The classicism is kept in the solid structure and in the sturdy shelves of 23 mm, which do not flex under the weight of books and folders.
Basic features for a useful bookcase.

​​​​​​​Which is your favorite version? Do you prefer the pure classic style or you like a more classic-contemporary style?
Take a look to our furniture to find out your favorite style and do not hesitate to contact us to customize your piece of furniture according to your needs and tastes.


Make your wardrobe ready for the new season!

With the beginning of the warm season is always nice to imagine and plan how to spend the free days.
I really like to plan some country side tours or walks in the nature. I’ve always enjoyed this time of the year with sunny weather and longer days, which is good for the mood too.


However, when there is a slight increase in temperatures, then comes the fateful moment to get the wardrobe ready for the new season.
A task that we always try to procrastinate and that is challenging especially for us women lovers of clothes.
The space in my closet seems to be never enough and every year the situation becomes more and more unmanageable.

In these cases, having lots of available space is not enough it also necessary to organize it at best.
The optimal solution to overcome the problems of space and organization could be to choose a functional modular wardrobe like this.



Single modules can be put together to make a wardrobe composition according to your needs.





The inside space can be arranged as you prefer. Clothes hanging bar and adjustable in height shelves can be integrated in order to satisfy your needs.




And if needed is possible to add a chest of drawer inside the wardrobe, very useful.


We offer you the best solutions to organize your wardrobe in the best way possible. Getting your wardrobe ready for the new season will be very easy and pleasing.

Good reasons to make a toast!

brindisi1It is always easy to find good reasons to make a toast.
Whether is for a degree, a birthday, a new birth, or simply a meeting with friends.
Toasting is synonymous of party, joy, happiness, fun.



Christmas time is already an excellent reason to make toasts with family and friends, even if sometimes it’s hard to support everyone and everything (and I’m not just thinking to some boring talk).



We care about our customer happyness and this is why we offer you 3 good reasons to make a toast:

FREE shipping
 … and we give you the WINE TOO! 

free delivery 1

free delivery


Get yourself comfortable, choose your piece of furniture, and buy it with FREE shipping.
Ferrettohome staff will think about everything.
You’ll get your order before Christmas so that you can show your new purchase to all your family and friends.
And this will certainly be a good occasion to bring to table a bottle of good wine of Raboso di Merlara or toast with a dry wine of Prosecco di Conegliano.




But it is not enough, we want do more for our customers offering an handmade Christmas decorations
which will add a touch of magic to your home.




There is so much to toast for!

bimbo che aspetta

P.S. Dear Santa Claus, please send our love and passion to all our customers,
make them satisfied of our product and service.
Sincerely, Ferrettohome staff

What’s new?


I felt definitely in love with the new category “Classico Verona”. I didn’t expect such beautiful furniture.

We thought of a special category for lovers of classic furniture, full of handmade details, with impressive and solid structures that last forever.

decorated dining set, wooden dining set, wood table, wooden chairs, classic style dining set, classic furniture, unique design furniture

If you love the warmth of wood and the beauty of details, these masterpieces will catch your attention and fill your heart.
They are unique pieces of furniture, impeccably made with particular attention to detail and with the use of top quality materials.

decorated dresser, classic dresse, chest of drawers, bedroom dresser, venetian dresser, wood chest of drawers,

An unmissable collection of furniture for the home, entirely made in Italy by master craftsmen.

Discover the new collection. Love at first sight!

April, fantastic surprises



…Nature blooming: flowers, colours, perfumes,
the warmth of the sun… the beautiful season is finally coming!



…Everything surrounding us motive us to be positive…




…a simple walk through nature, makes us feel better, mentally and physically, and helps us to appreciate the small things



…our positiveness and the bright parts of us



…are important features to discover again the desire of spending time with family and friends…



…Spring is the best moment to make a change, to renew



…finding new inspirations, innovations and trends

April, fantastic surprises…


The opportunity to receive wonderful gifts
placing an order by Ferrettohome!

In April everything is a sweet surprise …
do not waste time,
and take advantage of this opportunity right now!

Find out your gift